Jupiter LII

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Jupiter LII
Discovered by Christian Veillet
Discovery date 8 September 2010
S/2010 J 2
Orbital characteristics
Mean orbit radius
20,307,150 km
Eccentricity 0.307
588.82 days
Inclination 150.4°
Physical characteristics
Mean radius
~0.5 km

Jupiter LII, originally known as S/2010 J 2, is a natural satellite of Jupiter. It was discovered by Christian Veillet in 2010.[1][2] It received its permanent number in March 2015.[3] It takes 1.69 years to orbit around Jupiter, and its average distance is 21.01 million km. Jupiter LII has a diameter of about 1 kilometer and in 2010 it was labeled the smallest known moon in the solar system to have been found from Earth.[4] It is a member of the Ananke group.

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