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Developer PhysTechSoft
OS family DOS
Working state Current
Source model Closed source
Latest release PTS-DOS 32
Platforms x86
Kernel type Monolithic kernel
Default user interface Command line interface
License Proprietary
Official website

PTS-DOS is a disk operating system, an MS-DOS clone, developed in Russia by PhysTechSoft.

History and versions[edit]

PhysTechSoft was formed in 1991 in Moscow, Russia by graduates and members of MIPT, informally known as PhysTech. At the end of 1993, PhysTechSoft released the first commercially available PTS-DOS as PTS-DOS v6.4.[1] The version numbering followed MS-DOS version numbers, as Microsoft released MS-DOS 6.2 in November 1993.

In 1995, some programmers left PhysTechSoft and founded Paragon Software Group. They took source code with them and released their own version named PTS-DOS v6.51CD. According to official PhysTechSoft announcements, these programmers violated both copyright laws and Russian military laws,[2] as PTS-DOS was developed in close relationship with Russia's military and thus may be subject to military secrets law.

PhysTechSoft continued development on their own and released PTS-DOS v6.6 somewhere between[2] and presented PTS-DOS v6.65 at the CeBIT exhibition in 1997.[1] The next version from PhysTechSoft, formally PTS/DOS Extended Version 6.70[3] was labeled PTS-DOS 2000 and is still being distributed as a last 16-bit PTS-DOS system, as of 2007.

Paragon continued their PTS-DOS line and released Paragon DOS Pro 2000 (also known and labeled in some places as PTS/DOS Pro 2000). According to Paragon, this was the last version and all development since then ceased. Moreover, this release contained bundled source code of older PTS-DOS v6.51.[3]

Later, PhysTechSoft continued developing PTS-DOS and finally released PTS-DOS 32, formally known as PTS-DOS v7.0,[3] which added support for the FAT32 file system.

PTS-DOS is certified by the Russian Ministry of Defense.[4]

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