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S13, S.XIII, S-13, S.13 or S 13 may refer to:

In military 
  • SPAD S.XIII, a French biplane fighter aircraft of World War I
  • Soviet submarine S-13, a 1939 Stalinets-class submarine of the Soviet Navy
  • USS S-13 (SS-118),a 1921 S-class submarine of the United States Navy
  • Shayetet 13, an Israel Defense Forces naval commando elite special forces unit
  • Fokker S-13, a German dual-engine propellor aircraft used during World War II
  • S-13 rocket, a 1970s 122mm calibre unguided Soviet rocket weapon

and also a shortening or designation for :

In sports 
In transportation 
In science and academia 

S13 may refer to :