S13 (Rhine-Ruhr S-Bahn)

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Route of S13
Aachen Hbf
Aachen - Rothe Erde
Stolberg Hbf
Düren S 12
Merzenich S 12
Buir S 12
Sindorf S 12
0.0 Horrem S 12S 19
4.9 Frechen-Königsdorf S 12S 19
7.6 Köln-Weiden West S 12S 19
9.0 Köln-Lövenich S 12S 19
12.8 Köln-Müngersdorf Technologiepark S 12S 19
15.0 Köln-Ehrenfeld S 12S 19
17.9 Köln Hansaring S 6S 11S 12S 19
18.7 Cologne Hbf S 6S 11S 12S 19
19.8 Köln Messe/Deutz S 6S 11S 12S 19
Köln Trimbornstr. S 12S 19
Köln-Frankfurter Straße S 19
Köln/Bonn Flughafen S 19
37.7 Porz-Wahn S 12S 19
42.2 Spich S 12S 19
45.0 Troisdorf S 12S 19

Line S 13 is a S-Bahn line of the Rhine-Ruhr network. It is operated by DB Regio. The S13 runs from Horrem, at peak times, via Cologne to Troisdorf. Normal operation begins at Köln Hansaring. It runs with Line S 12 for most of its route, splitting from it only to run through Cologne/Bonn Airport. Services operate every 20 minutes on working days and every 30 minutes on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, using class 423 electric multiple units.

Line S19[edit]

6 additional pairs of services in the morning peak and 11 additional pairs of services in the afternoon peak have run on the Horrem – Köln Hansaring – Cologne – Cologne/Bonn Airport – Troisdorf– Siegburg/BonnHennef (Sieg) route as line S19 since 14 December 2014. Siegburg/Bonn and Hennef (Sieg) are normally served by the S12.


The route runs on the Cologne–Aachen line (opened by the Rhenish Railway Company between Cologne and Düren in three stages between 1839 and 1841), the East Rhine Railway (opened to Troisdorf by the Rhenish Railway in 1870, with an extension to Cologne opened in 1874) and the Cologne Airport loop (opened in 2004) The western section of the S 13 service from Düren to Köln Messe/Deutz was opened on 15 December 2002. It was extended to Troisdorf on 13 June 2004.[1] It is proposed to extend the line to Bonn-Oberkassel.[2][3]


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