S20 Shanghai Outer Ring Expressway

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Shanghai Outer Ring Expressway
Traffic on the Outer Ring Expressway at the Xupu Bridge.
Route information
Length99 km (62 mi)
Highway system

The Shanghai Outer Ring Expressway (Chinese: 上海外环高速公路), designated S20, is a ring expressway that surrounds the inner districts of the city of Shanghai, China.

The different sections of the road have specific names in relation to the cardinal directions. For instance, the eastern portion of the expressway is named 上海环东一大道 (Huandong Avenue (No. 1), literally Eastern Ring No. 1 Avenue), the western portion of the expressway is named 上海环西一大道 (Huanxi Avenue (No. 1), literally Western Ring No. 1 Avenue), and so on.

The S20 expressway crosses the Huangpu River twice. At the southern end, it uses the Xupu Bridge, and at the northern end, it uses the Outer Ring Tunnel.

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