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The S6 was a line number used by the Berlin S-Bahn from June 1991 until June 2002. The line always ran to the south-east corner of Berlin, although a number of routings were used during its period of operation. The line was replaced by the S46 and S8 which now provide connections to south-east Berlin.


The first routing of the S6 ran from Charlottenburg to Königs Wusterhausen from June 1991. A year later, the line was extended by one station to Westkreuz. In May 1994, the line was shortened to act as a peak-time shuttle between Warschauer Straße and Zeuthen. The line was removed in June 2002.


The station listing below provides an overview of what the line looked like. The possible travel connections are correct for the period of operation and do not reflect the current travel connections for these stations.