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Servicio Aéreo Colombiano
Logotipo "Servicio Aéreo Colombiano" SACO.
Founded 1933
Ceased operations 1940 (merged to form Avianca)
Headquarters Bogotá, Colombia

The Colombian Air Service (Spanish: Servicio Aéreo Colombiano), or SACO, was an early Colombian airline. Founded in 1933, in 1940 SACO merged with the Colombo-German Air Transport Society (Sociedad Colombo Alemana de Transporte Aéreo, or SCADTA); the new company was named Avianca (Aerovías Nacionales de Colombia).[1] Avianca still operates to this day, and claims SCADTA's history as its own, thus making it the second-oldest airline in the world.

On 24 June 1935, a Ford Trimotor of SACO collided during take off with another Ford Trimotor of SCADTA at Medellín, Colombia. Fifteen people were killed, including the world-famous tango singer Carlos Gardel.[2]

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