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SAG is the acronym for:

SAg is the abbreviation for:

Sag (or Sâg, Șag, Šag) may refer to:

  • Sagitta (optics), a measure of lens surface shape
  • Lens sag, distortion of astronomical lenses and mirrors
  • Sag (geology), or trough, a depressed, persistent, low area
  • Sag Harbor, New York, a village in Suffolk County, New York, USA
  • Sag pond, a body of water collected in the lowest parts of a depression
  • Sango language of Central African Republic (or Sangho'), ISO 639-2 and -3 code
  • Voltage sag or voltage dip, brief drop in voltage
  • Ivan Sag (1949–2013), American linguist
  • Sâg, a commune located in Sălaj County, Romania
  • Șag, a commune in Timiș County, Romania
  • Šag, a village near Osijek in Croatia

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