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Joint-Stock company (JSC)
Industry Consumer Electronics
Founded Rueil-Malmaison, France (2009)
Headquarters Rueil-Malmaison, France
Area served
Products Fax machines, Multi-Functional Printers, Routers and Gateways, Set-Top-Boxes, DECT and Corded Telephones, Electronic Meters
Revenue 1.400m EUR (FY 2010)
Owner Carlyle Group and Sagecom Employees
Number of employees
6,000 (FY 2010)

SAGEMCOM is a French communications company based in Rueil-Malmaison. The company is split into four organisational divisions: "Broadband", "Documents", "Digital" and "Energy & Telecom".


Sagem Communication was the original name for what is now SAGEMCOM (Although still called "Sagem Communication" at times). It was part of the SAGEM, a major French company involved in defence electronics, consumer electronics and communication systems.

In 2005, SAGEM and SNECMA merged to form SAFRAN.

In 2008, the SAGEM group spun off its communications and mobile telephony businesses (known simply as: Sagem Mobile) to focus on core company values.

The mobile phone business was called: SAGEM Wireless.

The broadband business was called: SAGEM Communication.

In 2008 The Gores Group became the major stakeholder of the company.

Other Sagem Business Groups like MobiWire (then known as Sagem Wireless) and Safran Morpho (then known as Sagem Orga) were not part of this deal.

In order to distinguish from other "Sagem" companies and to reflect the separation the name and logo was again changed into "Sagemcom" in 2009.

Today, Sagemcom is majority-owned by The Carlyle Group and a minority shares belong to company employees.


Broadband Division[edit]

The Broadband business division accounts for €419 m of the company's turnover in 2010. The division offers a wide range of products, broadband terminals, DECT wireless terminals, connected screens and radios as well as software solutions, and simplifying the installation and management of these different devices on the local digital network.

Sagemcom claims it is a European leader for broadband terminals.

Documents Division[edit]

The Documents Business Group provides solutions in the field of imaging and documents: analysis, management, printing, communication, filing, display. The business unit provides a multifold portfolio in areas such as consumer fax (inventor of the Phonefax) as well as professional faxes, printers, multifunction terminals, software solutions for document management and communication, and also imaging (one of the Europeans leaders in digital photoframes). Its headquarters are in France, on Sagemcom Osny campus.

In 2014 Apogee Corporation Ltd acquired Sagemcom Documents Business Group and moved its headquarters to Asnières-sur-Seine, north east of Paris. Apogee Corporation is one of the leading independent UK digital office solutions and managed print services provider that has had a constant and rapid growth over the last years over 400 staff in 13 UK locations.

Digital Set-Top Box Division[edit]

The company launched its first digital set-top boxes in 1996, and was the first in the world to deploy MPEG-4 single-chip terminals in November 2005. The business unit offers a wide range of products, for all transmission media (satellite, cable, terrestrial and IP TV), from basic low-end STBs with limited functions – also known as 'zapper' boxes – to advanced twin-tuner High Definition MPEG4 digital TV receivers with integrated Hard Disk Drive (Personal Video Recorders). Sagem Communications is Europe's leading STB manufacturer for digital terrestrial and IP TV.

Energy & Telecom Division[edit]

  • Communication: with machine to machine (M2M) communications, convergence products, turn key solutions in telecom networks
  • Energy management, offerering optimized overall solutions for the grid. This activity also incorporates a unit for industrial partnerships, aiming at making available Sagemcom's competencies in research and development, industrialisation and manufacturing.


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