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Developer(s) InsidePro
Stable release / September 14, 2010; 4 years ago (2010-09-14)
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Password recovery
License Shareware

SAMInside is a password recovery program for cracking lost Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 users' LM or NTLM hashed passwords. It can crack passwords at 10 million passwords per second on a good computer.[citation needed] This is the result of core parts written in assembly language. It also has multi language support and it's translated into five languages.[citation needed]


This program is the first program that started to work with passwords encrypted with syskey, it supports about ten types of importing, four types of exporting hashes and six types of password attack:

Here are some key features of "SAMInside":

  • "Import from SAM and SYSTEM registry files" - import hashes from SAM Windows registry file. If there's additional encryption by SYSKEY in the imported SAM file (it's on default enabled in Windows 2000/XP/2003), then the program will also need SYSTEM Windows registry file located at the same Windows directory there SAM file is - in the folder %SystemRoot%System32Config. Copies of these files may be also found in %SystemRoot%Repair and %SystemRoot%RepairRegBack folders. (Note: %SystemRoot% - is a system directory of OS Windows, usually folder C:WINDOWS or C:WINNT).
  • "Import from SAM registry file and file with system key" - import encrypted passwords from SAM Windows registry file using file with system key SYSKEY.
  • "Import from PWDUMP file" - import hashes from text file of PWDUMP program format. You can find test files with such hashes in the SAMInside program archive.
  • "Import from *.LC file" - import hashes from files created by L0phtCrack program.
  • "Import from *.LCP file" - import hashes from files created by LCP4/LCP5 programs.
  • "Import from *.LCS file" - import hashes from files created by LC4/LC5 programs.
  • "Import from *.HDT file" - import hashes from projects created by Proactive Windows Security Explorer program.
  • "Import from *.LST file" - import hashes from the LMNT.LST file, created by Cain&Abel program.
  • "Import from local machine ..." - import encoded passwords from the local machine (to do that launch the program with *Administrator user's rights). The program uses the following methods to get local hashes:
  1. " ... using LSASS" - import local hashes using connection to LSASS process.
  2. " ... using Scheduler" - import local hashes using system utility Scheduler

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