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Serbian Autonomous Oblast
of Herzegovina
Српска аутономна област Херцеговина
Srpska autonomna oblast Hercegovina
Self-proclaimed entity
Capital Trebinje
Government Provisional government
Historical era Breakup of Yugoslavia
 •  Established 1991
 •  Disestablished 1992
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
History of Republika Srpska#1991-1995

The SAO of Herzegovina (Serbian: Српска аутономна област Херцеговина, Srpska autonomna oblast Hercegovina ) was a self-proclaimed Serbian Autonomous Oblast within today's Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was proclaimed by the Assembly of the Association of Municipalities of Bosnian Krajina in 1991[1] and was subsequently included into Republika Srpska. SAO Herzegovina was located in the geographical region of Herzegovina. It was also known as SAO Eastern Herzegovina (SAO Istočna Hercegovina / САО Источна Херцеговина).


SAO Herzegovina was formed from the Association of Municipalities (a government in SFRY) known as Assembly of the Communities of East Herzegovina, which was formed on 27 May 1991. The SAO East and Old Herzegovina was established on September 12, 1991.[2] It consisted of East Herzegovina which had a Serb ethnic majority. Its capital was Trebinje.

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