SAS: Secure Tomorrow

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SAS: Secure Tomorrow
SAS Secure Tomorrow cover.jpg
Developer(s)City Interactive
Publisher(s)City Interactive
EngineLithtech Jupiter EX
Platform(s)PC (Windows)
  • USA: September 30, 2008
  • RUS: December 25, 2008
Genre(s)Tactical first-person shooter
Mode(s)Single-player Multi-player

SAS: Secure Tomorrow is a tactical first-person shooter videogame for PC developed and published by Polish company City Interactive in 2008. The game utilizes Jupiter EX engine, similar, if not identical to the one in F.E.A.R..


The player is in command of two SAS units, the main goal of which is to secure the British government from terrorist threat. Meanwhile, a notorious criminal and leader of a terrorist group, escapes with his rescuers from a high security prison. The SAS team is on their toes, and in hot pursuit, to bring him and other terrorists to justice. The SAS team is chasing the fugitives in London, Iceland, and finally in an underground nuclear reactor, and rescuing hostages on the way.


The game received middling reviews from such gaming sites as: IGN, who gave the game a score of 6.0 and quoted that the game is too easy, because it lacks variety of levels (12 in total).[1] The game also got scored a 65% on Gamevortex, the site of which quoted the following:

For the most part, the game's visual elements look a bit last-gen, but it's not to say that they are horrible. The environments are productive in getting their points across, and that's all that matters, especially for a title that can be picked up for a mere $20. The characters and their uniforms look pretty good, howevesh or gas masks, so as to use a cheap way to neglect animating mouths in talking sequences.



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