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Developer(s) Dmitriy Manushin (Dman95)
Stable release
3.9.0 / 12 September 2017; 8 months ago (2017-09-12)
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Operating system Windows, Linux
Type IDE
License GPL

SASM (SimpleASM) — a simple Open Source crossplatform integrated development environment for NASM, MASM, GAS and FASM assembly languages with syntax highlighting and debugger.

SASM makes it easy to develop and run programs written in assembly language. The program works out of the box and is great for beginners to learn assembly language.

Licensed under the GNU GPL v3.0. Based on the Qt.

It was created by the programmer Dmitriy Manushin (Dman95).


  • Four assemblers - NASM, MASM, GAS and FASM are supported
  • Syntax highlighting with tunable color scheme
  • Handy graphical debugger
  • Program is translated into Russian and English
  • Input/output macro library
  • Ability to work with multiple files using tabs
  • All required components are included (gdb, gcc, nasm, masm, fasm, gas)
  • SASM is great for beginners to learn assembly language

Alternative IDE for assembler[edit]