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SATASUPE cover Drawn by Hayami Rasenjin
Designer(s) Touichirou Kawashima, Adventure Planning Service
Publisher(s) Shinkigensha, Hobbybase
Publication date 2003 (REmix+), 2008 (Current edition)
Genre(s) crime action
System(s) custom

SATASUPE (サタスペ?) is a Japanese crime action role-playing game. The title "SATASUPE" is derived from the English words "Saturday night special". It is also known as an Asian Punk RPG. The setting is similar to Japanese movie Swallowtail Butterfly. Player characters are called Akyou (亜侠 lit. Asian outlaw?) and they adventure in fictitious setting Osaka is an indecent city occupied by foreign Great Powers.

Game mechanics are based entirely around six-sided dice.

The current edition was published in December 2008. It is the second commercial edition, the early editions are dōjin works. Several expansions also exist.

Game setting[edit]

The game setting is in the alternate history. In World War II, Nazi Germany conquered England. Japan and America did not participate in World War II. In 1962, Japano-America War happen. Japanese major cities became burned to the ground. Taking advantage of confusion, Soviet Union invaded Hokkaido. And then Japan surrendered. After the war, Japan is under the strategy of Divide and Rule by Great Power.

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