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SATS Security Services Pte Ltd
Industry Security
Founded Security Department of Malayan Airways, 1965
Headquarters Singapore
Key people
Denis Marie, Senior Vice President
Parent SATS Ltd (100%)
SATS auxiliary police officers performing visa and travel document checks at Singapore Changi Airport.

SATS Security Services Pte Ltd (SSS) is a subsidiary of SATS Ltd, providing security services for aviation-related activities at the Singapore Changi Airport. It provides armed auxiliary police officers for mainly airline clients, one of three companies licensed to do so in Singapore. It provides aviation security to airlines at Changi Airport in Singapore especially those managed by it parent ground handler SATS Ltd. The company is managed by a Senior Vice President and the current incumbent is Mr. Denis Marie.

History[citation needed][edit]

In 1965, SATS Security Services originally started as the Malayan Airways Security Department. Its existence back then was to meet the security and aviation needs of its aircraft and to a certain extent, the Paya Lebar Airport. Back then the force was restricted within the confines of Paya Lebar Airport, and they do not have the powers of regular police officers.

When Malayan Airways was renamed to Malaysian Singapore Airlines (MSA), its Security Department was renamed MSA Police in 1967. In 1972, Singapore Airlines (SIA) came into being, after parting ways with MSA becoming Malaysia Airlines System. MSA police was renamed SIA Auxiliary Police. A year later SATS became a fully owned subsidiary of SIA and SIA Auxiliary Police became SATS Security Services, incorporating the former SIA Auxiliary Police Force in it.


Some current deployments of armed SATS Security personnel include:

Former deployments:

  • Brani Container Terminal


SATS auxiliary police officers on enforcement duty with Certis CISCO.

Unlike Certis CISCO and AETOS auxiliary police, the uniform design of SATS Auxiliary Police closely resemble the Singapore Police Force (SPF); with the exception of the baby blue top and metallic cap and collar badges. This is done to distinguish differences from uniforms worn by officers from the SPF.

Also SATS is the only auxiliary police force to wear duty belts, don peaked caps and use equipment similar to SPF.[citation needed]

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