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Aerospace, Defence
Industry Defence
Founded 1989
Headquarters Islamabad, Pakistan
Area served
Products Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), UAV ground control systems, UAV payloads

SATUMA (Surveillance And Target Unmanned Aircraft) is a privately owned designer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) based in Islamabad, Pakistan. The company was established in 1989 and designs UAVs for the armed forces of Pakistan and for export.

Product lines[edit]

UAV systems[edit]

  • Flamingo - a medium-range UAV.
  • Jasoos II (Bravo +) - a tactical UAV system for remote sensing and reconnaissance.
  • Mukhbar - short-range UAV system.
  • Stingray - a mini UAV system.
  • HST - half scale trainer UAV.
  • FST - full scale trainer UAV.

Target drones[edit]

  • Tunder SR (short-range)
  • Tunder LR (long-range)
  • Assault - training system
  • Shooting Star - high speed drone.

Auxiliary systems[edit]

  • Ground Control Station (GCS) - includes automatic antenna tracker, pilot console with moving map display, real time video display panel, flight status display and joystick for payload camera control. Pathfinder GCS software includes mission planning, in-flight mission modification, real time tracking on moving map display, flight status display, live video display and post-mission analysis.[1]
  • iHawk - UAV payload, four variants:[2]
    • Gen 1 – Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) capable, daylight camera system. Supplied with Jasoos II Bravo+ UAV system to the Pakistan Air Force.
    • Gen 2 – PTZ capable daylight camera payload, includes on-screen position display. To be supplied with Flamingo UAV system.
    • Gen 3 – Improved version of Gen 2, includes gyro-stabilized "Scene & Target locking" system. Under development.
    • Gen 4 – Upgraded version of Gen 3, includes an infra-red camera. Under development.

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