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The SBL Greek New Testament or SBLGNT is a critically edited edition of the Greek New Testament published by Logos Bible Software and the Society of Biblical Literature in October 2010.[1] It was edited by Michael W. Holmes.[2] It is also published in paperback form.[3]

The SBLGNT features an apparatus that records differences not among manuscripts, but rather from other published editions of the Greek New Testament. According to the editors this is a function of a "reading edition" that calls attention to text critical issues.[2] The text was created by starting with the Westcott and Hort text[4] and then comparing it to Tregelles, Robinson-Pierpont, and the text underlying the NIV.[5]

The text is available under a permissive license that allows royalty-free commercial and non-commercial use.[6] It can be used online for free at, and can be downloaded in plain text, XML, PDF and other formats at

The open licensing of the SBLGNT was a design goal of the text[1] and has been heralded as an important resource for academic publishing.[7]


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