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SC, Sc or sc may refer to:

Arts and media[edit]

  • Snapchat, an image messaging and multimedia mobile application
  • Special Circumstances, an organization in the Culture novels of Iain M. Banks
  • SportsCenter, an American daily sports-news program broadcast on ESPN
  • SportsCentre, a Canadian daily sports-news program broadcast on TSN



United States[edit]

Other places[edit]


  • Sc (digraph), a combination of letters used in the spelling of some languages
  • "sc.", abbreviation for scilicet, Latin for "it is permitted to know"; See viz.
  • "sc.", abbreviation for sculpsit, to indicate an engraver or sculptor
  • Sardinian language (ISO 639 language code)
  • Serbo-Croatian, a South Slavic language

Government, law, and military[edit]


Science and technology[edit]


Other uses in science and technology[edit]

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