SCB Park Plaza

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SCB Park Plaza
SCB Park Plaza 2009.jpg
SCB Park Plaza
SCB Park Plaza is located in Thailand
SCB Park Plaza
Location within Thailand
General information
TypeSkylight with Roof Panels
LocationChatuchak, Bangkok
Coordinates13°49′38″N 100°33′53″E / 13.82722°N 100.56472°E / 13.82722; 100.56472Coordinates: 13°49′38″N 100°33′53″E / 13.82722°N 100.56472°E / 13.82722; 100.56472
ManagementMahisorn (Affiliated with Siam Commercial Bank)
RoofSCB Park Plaza 1 (highest building), 137 m
Top floor37
Technical details
Floor count37 floors
Design and construction
ArchitectRobert G Boughey and Associates Co., Ltd.
DeveloperYHS International Company Limited.

SCB Park Plaza or Siam Commercial Bank Park Plaza is a high-rise building complex located on Ratchadaphisek Road in Chatuchak District, Bangkok, Thailand.[1]

There are 4 buildings:

  • SCB Park Plaza 1 (37 floors)
  • SCB Park Plaza 2 (24 floors)
  • SCB Park Plaza 3 (24 floors)
  • SCB Park Plaza 4 (12 floors)

The Four Buildings are divided into West and East.

SCB Park Plaza is known for its skylight, roof panels through the usage of the curtain wall system and aluminium cladding.[citation needed] As glass is used for the curtain wall, it creates a great advantage where natural light can penetrate deeper within the building.[citation needed][tone] This glass is of a quality where it reflects sunlight of the building creating glare at sunrise and sunset.[citation needed]

SCB Park Plaza Curtain Wall and Aluminium Cladding Developers YHS International Company Limited and Architect Robert G Boughey and Associates Co., Ltd. had helped put together this system.[citation needed]

SCB Park Plaza and Lao Peng Nguan were two of the first high rise buildings in Bangkok to receive the 'Safety Building Certification'.[citation needed] In which its West Buildings were the first area to receive the R.1 Certification (Safety Building Certification). It became an example of strict compliance to the 'Law for Building Safety Evaluation.' It uses an average of 40 Million Baht from its Budget to invest in Building safety;plus, its safety team.[citation needed]

Present Days, SCB Park houses a number of domestic and foreign companies. Siam Commercial Bank has its headquarters in SCB Park Plaza 1. Accordingly, it also rents out the building to about 80% of foreign companies. For instance, Unilever has its headquarters in one of the buildings. The complex was completed in 1996, SCB Park Plaza 1 has a height of 135 m. The complex has also a shopping plaza with restaurants.[2]

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