SCI Aviation

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SCI Aviation
Headquarters Shanghai, China
Key people
Don Wehmeyer
Products Experimental aircraft engines

SCI Aviation is a Chinese aircraft engine manufacturer.[1]

A SCI Aviation B4-160 engine

SCI Aviation started as an aircraft engine manufacturer when it bought the rights to the Sadler Radial engine originally intended for the Denny Kitfox homebuilt. The engine is redesigned and marketed as the R6-80. A follow-on with is the R6-150. SCI also has designed a boxer engine using Suzuki 600cc cylinder heads on an aluminum block with gear reduction named the B4-160.[2]

Aircraft Engines[edit]

Summary of aircraft engines built by SCI Aviation
Model name First flight Number built Type
R6-80 80 hp Six cylnder radial
R6-150 150 hp Six cylnder radial
B4-160 2012 Four cylinder horizontally opposed


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