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SCRIPT is a research centre located at the School of Law in the University of Edinburgh dedicated to studying intellectual property and technology law. SCRIPT used to be known as the AHRC Research Centre for Studies in Intellectual Property and Technology Law. The centre is funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council.


History and objectives[edit]

The SCRIPT Centre for Studies in Intellectual Property and Technology Law was established with private sector funding as the Shepherd and Wedderburn Centre for Research in Intellectual Property and Technologies (SCRIPT); the centre has been running with AHRC funding since 2002. While the main research areas, those of intellectual property law, information technology law, and medical law and jurisprudence have remained constant, the themes covered have responded to changes in law, policy, and society more generally. The first five years of operation have witnessed the emergence of a number of networks in different areas of specialist expertise supplementing those already in existence by staff in the centre and providing suitable platforms from which to take forward further research in key areas. Examples of such networks are contacts within the healthcare sector, human rights policymakers and competition lawyers, privacy and data protection advisors, and those involved in Creative Commons policymaking. The broad aims of the centre are to pursue ground-breaking research at the interface between law and technologies, seeking the appropriate balance to be struck between encouraging creativity and innovation while respecting the needs of the public domain.

The centre also funds and administer SCRIPT-ed, a journal of law and technology.


The centre has had two directors during its history, Professor Hector MacQueen (2002-2007) and Professor Graeme Laurie (2007-present). Past and present co-directors and associates include Professor Lilian Edwards, Professor Charlotte Waelde, Mr Andres Guadamuz, Professor Burkhard Schafer, Dr Rachael Craufurd-Smith, Dr Abbe Brown, Mr Gerard Porter and Dr Smita Kheria.

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