SCSI Peripheral Device Type

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A SCSI Peripheral Device Type describes the capabilities provided by a SCSI device. It is a five-bit field in the first byte returned in response to an Inquiry Command. [1]

Defined values are:

Value Device type Command set Specification
00h Direct-access block device (e.g., magnetic disk) SBC Direct Access Commands SCSI Block Commands (SBC)
01h Sequential-access device (e.g., magnetic tape) SSC Sequential Access Commands SCSI Stream Commands (SSC)
02h Printer device SSC Printer Commands SCSI Stream Commands (SSC)
03h Processor device SPC Processor Commands SCSI Primary Commands (SPC)
04h Write-once device SBC Write Once Commands SCSI Block Commands (SBC)
05h CD/DVD-ROM device MMC CD-ROM Commands SCSI Multimedia Commands (MMC)
06h Scanner device SGC Scanner Commands SCSI Graphics Commands (SGC)
07h Optical memory device (e.g., some optical disks) SBC Optical Media Commands SCSI Block Commands (SBC)
08h Medium changer (e.g. jukeboxes) SMC Medium Changer Commands SCSI Medium Changer Commands (SMC)
09h Communications device SSC Communications Commands SCSI Stream Commands (SSC)
0Ah–0Bh Defined by ASC IT8 (Graphic arts pre-press devices) ASC IT8 Prepress Commands
0Ch Storage array controller device (e.g., RAID) SCC Array Controller Commands SCSI Controller Commands (SCC)
0Dh Enclosure services device SES Enclosure Services Commands SCSI Enclosure Services (SES)
0Eh Simplified direct-access device (e.g., magnetic disk) RBC Reduced Block Commands Reduced Block Commands (RBC)
0Fh Optical card reader/writer device OCRW Optical Card Commands SCSI Specification for Optical Card Reader/Writer (OCRW)
10h Reserved for bridging expanders
11h Object-based Storage Device OSD Object-based Storage Commands Object-based Storage Commands (OSD)
12h Automation/Drive Interface
13h Security manager device
14h Host managed zoned block device[2] Zoned Block Commands (ZBC)
15h RMC Simplified Multimedia Commands Reduced Multimedia Commands (RMC)
16h–1Dh Reserved
1Eh Well known logical unit
1Fh Unknown or no device type