SCW Southwest Junior Heavyweight Championship

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The SWCW Southwest Junior Heavyweight Championship was a secondary title in Southwest Championship Wrestling, challenged for by lighter weight wrestlers. It lasted from 1981 until 1985, when it was abandoned after SWCW was sold to Texas All-Star Wrestling.

Title history[edit]

Silver areas in the history indicate periods of unknown lineage.

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Chavo Guerrero 1 circa April 1981 Awarded title
Vacant Title inactive
Eric Embry 1 July 25, 1983 San Antonio, TX Defeats Mando Guerrero in tournament final
Relampago Leon 1 October 1, 1983 San Antonio, TX
Adrian Street 1 January 5, 1984 Beaumont, TX
Bobby Fulton 1 March 19, 1984 San Antonio, TX
Eric Embry 2 May 27, 1984 Austin, TX
Bobby Fulton 2 June 13, 1984 San Antonio, TX
Eric Embry 3 July 1, 1984 San Antonio, TX
Chicky Starr 1 August 24, 1984 San Antonio, TX
Ron Sexton 1 February 1985 ?
Chicky Starr 2 March 30, 1985 Girard, OH
Title retired April 1985 SWCW is sold to Texas All-Star Wrestling

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