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Sport Club Atlético
Full name Sport Club Atlético
Nickname(s) Encarnados
Founded December 9, 1977
Ground Estádio João de Deus Lopes da Silva
Ribeira Brava, São Nicolau
Cape Verde
Ground Capacity 5,000
Chairman Cape Verde Artemiza Nascimiento
Manager Cape Verde Pirico
League São Nicolau Island League
2016-17 3rd

Sport Club Atlético (first part, Portuguese meaning: "athletics", Capeverdean Crioulo, ALUPEC or ALUPEK: SK Atlétiku) is a football (soccer) club based in Ribeira Brava and plays in São Nicolau Island League and had played in the Premier division in Cape Verde. Its current head is Artemiza Ramos and its coach is Pirico who is since January 2017. Its nickname is Encarnados, the same nickname of Portugal's SL Benfica.

SC Atlético is the second most successful football (soccer) club on the island, having won about 15 official regional titles.


The club was founded on December 9, 1977. Their first island title was won in 1994 and won their second consecutive in 1995, their recent title win was in 2014. Atlético also has two cup wins, their first was in 2008 and their second and recent in 2014, their first ever Super Cup win was in 2014 and their recent was in 2016, also Atlético has two opening tournament titles, their first was won in 2001 and their second was in 2015 and their recent was in 2017.

In 1995, Atlético was to have their first CAF Cup appearance, the club were to participate in the first round against ES Sahel of Tunisia, as the federation did not name its entrant in time, the club was disqualified in the first round.

Their worst season was in 2005 when the club fielded ineligible players in every match especially Ultramarina and finished last place as the goals were awarded against them. It was the worst and one the clubs that fielded the most number of ineligible players in West Africa and probably that includes a third of the continent. The next time it happened in Cape Verde was in 2017 to Académica do Mindelo of São Vicente.

After winning their first cup title, they made their first appearance in the regional Super Cup and lost to Desportivo Ribeira Brava, the champion. Atlético had no appearance at the Cape Verdean Cup as it was cancelled that season. Atlético's next two appearances at the Super Cup were also unsuccessful, the latter was a loss to FC Ultramarina. After entering as a regional cup winner Atlético finally won the 2014 Super Cup after defeating Ultramarina, the cup winner, their next Super Cup appearance was two years later.

One of the club's greatest season was the 2015-16 season and finished with 36 points, the club had no loss, their last loss at the regional championships was on April 25, 2015 to FC Ultramarina, Atlético also had their recent appearance at the nationals.

As 2016 regional champion, Atlético faced the cup winner AJAT'SN in the regional Super Cup on January 7, 2017 and defeated that club 3-0 to win their recent Super Cup title. A good start Atlético had for the 2017 season started second. Atlético's 13 match unbeaten streak ended with they lost to Desportivo Ribeira Brava 1-0 on January 21 and were placed fourth and remained to third round and became the club's lowest for the season, then climbed to second after victories to lesser teams, Praia Branca and Talho, they became third afterwards and two draws followed with Belo Horizonte and Preguiça, the second was a scoreless. A match on April 22, the 12th round defeated the lesser Talho 0-7 and made it the region's highest scoring match, also that time, their championship hopes faded. Académica Preguiça's loss to AJAT'SN handed its second place to Atlético and the club became third again. The final match of the season featured the third place club, Académica da Preguiça and lost the club and handed back the second position to that club and finished third.

Playoff participation[edit]

The team had made it to the 1993 playoffs, the team lost all of the two final matches to CD Travadores 2-0 and 2-1, again the team made it to the 2012 playoffs[1] and challenged Académica do Porto Novo in the semis and defeated 3-0 and 1-0 and challenged Sporting from Praia in the finals, the matches were tied 1 apiece in the first and the second was scoreless, they lost the penalty shootout to Sporting Praia and achieved second place, the team has never claimed national titles.

In the 2002 national championship season along with Académica do Fogo and Académico do Aeroporto, the club had 16 points and was third, it was second ranked and no other clubs would have 16 points in the present day.


Ultramarina's only main rivalry is FC Ultramarina and is called the São Nicolau derby which started in about the start of the 1990s. One of their recent meetings was in week 1 of the 2015-16 season where they defeated that club.[2]


Estádio João de Deus Lopes da Silva, the homefield of SC Atlético

The club and plays at Estádio João de Deus Lopes da Silva with a capacity of once served up to 1,000. The club also trains at the stadium. Other club playing at the stadium is Desportivo Ribeira Brava. Other clubs playing at the stadium but not based are Académica da Preguiça, Belo Horizonte and Talho of the neighboring community.


Its logo is Benfica based with some differences, a small tree is on top, other features has crest and inside reading "SCA" in the middle, the bottom reads "desporto e fraternidade" ("sports and fraternity") on the bottom, the club is rarely a Benfica affiliate.


Home uniform up to mid-2015
Away uniform up to 2015
Home uniform up to November 2016
Away uniform up to April 2017

Its uniform colors are red clothing with black shorts for home matches and red-white striped clothing (three red and four white stripes) with red sleeves and socks and a light blue shorts for away matches.

Its former uniform colours home games were with red T-shirt with white edges at the sleeves and white shorts and a black-white striped T-shirt (the top and bottom are coloured black) with black sleeved and white rims, red shorts and black socks, used up to the end of the 2014-15 season. From mid-2015 to around November 2016, its home uniforms were a red-white striped T-shirt, its left and right edges are coloured red, red sleeves, and the remainder of the clothing red, used during home matches and the away uniform which continued to be used to April 2017 was a white T-shirt with red sleeves along with red shorts and white socks.


1993/94, 1994/95, 1999/00, 2001/02, 2011/12, 2013/14,[3] 2015/16
2007/08, 2012/13
2008/09, 2013/14, 2015/16
2001/02, 2014/15, 2016/17

League and cup history[edit]

Performance in CAF competitions[edit]

1995: disqualified in First Round
Tunisia ES Sahel - no matches took place

National championship[edit]

Season Div. Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA GD P Notes Playoffs
2000 1A 2 3 1 2 0 6 3 +3 5 Did not advance Did not participate
2002 1 5 8 5 1 2 15 9 +6 16
2012 1B 1 5 5 0 0 15 8 +7 15 Advanced into playoffs 2nd place
2014 1B 3 5 2 1 2 3 3 0 7 Did not advance Did not participated
2016 1A 5 5 1 1 3 5 10 -5 4 Did not advanced Did not participated

Island/Regional Championship[edit]

Season Div. Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA GD P Cup Opening Notes
2001-02[4] 2 1 12 - - - - - - - Promoted into the National Championships
2004–05 2 6 12 0 0 12 0 36 -36 0
2011-12[5] 2 1 14 - - - - - - - Promoted into the National Championships
2013-14[6] 2 1 14 10 2 2 27 8 +22 32 Winner Promoted into the National Championships
2014-15[7] 2 2 14 9 3 2 19 9 +10 30 Winner
2015–16[8] 2 1 14 11 3 0 37 12 +25 36 Promoted into the National Championships
2016–17 2 3 14 7 4 3 31 15 +16 25


  • Best position: 2nd (national)
  • Best position at an opening tournament: 1st
  • Best position at a regional Cup competition: 1st
  • Appearances in a cup competition: 14 (regional)
  • Appearances in a regional Super Cup competition: 5
  • Highest number of points in a season:
    • National: 16
    • Regional: 36
  • Highest number of goals scored in a season:, National: 15 (regular season), 20 (total)
  • Highest number of wins in the national championships: 7 (2004)
  • Lowest number of goals scored in a season: 1 (national)
  • Lowest number of points in a season: 0 (national)
  • Highest number of goals conceded in a season: 10 (in 2016, regular season), 11 (in 2012, total)
  • Worst season: 2005 (neither wins nor draws, all 12 losses)

Current squad[edit]

As of November 27, 2013 Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Cape Verde GK Nuno
Cape Verde GK Dow
Cape Verde DF Rogerio
Cape Verde DF Dika
Cape Verde DF Djaluka
Cape Verde DF Orlando
Cape Verde DF Nechta
Cape Verde DF Jairson
Cape Verde DF Guiras
Cape Verde DF Garay
Cape Verde DF Diolindo
Cape Verde MF Ilidio
No. Position Player
MF Biliko
MF Kechada
Cape Verde MF Kuk's
Cape Verde MF Valdo
MF Kervin
MF Revy
MF Kaska
Cape Verde FW Jorge
Cape Verde FW Ze Jorge
Cape Verde FW Ban
Cape Verde FW Devon
Cape Verde FW Stivan
FW Mandjako

Source: Facebook's SC Atlético homepage

Managerial history[edit]

Name Nationality From To
José Ramos  Cape Verde January 2017
Pirico  Cape Verde since January 2017

Former famous player[edit]

  • Gerson, in 2012 (scored 13 goals in the 2012 national season)


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