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SC Buochs is a Swiss football club, founded in 1934 (officially). The club colours are blue and white derived from the town Buochs's coat of arms.

Their home ground is Stadion Seefeld, which has a proclaimed capacity of 5'000 (1000 seats, 4000 standing). However and average of a couple hundred per home game( varying on significance) who turn up to watch their club play.

SC Buochs's greatest success was playing one season (1972/73) in the second pier of Swiss Football, at that time still National Liga B (NLB), which is now been renamed to the Challenge League.

SC Buochs are currently playing in the 2. Liga Interregional after being relegated from the Swiss 1. Liga (football) 2 years ago in the season 2005/06.

Fc Avanti[edit]

Is a Football Club located in the lake side town of Buochs in Canton Nidwalden Switzerland. The club first started with the Name "Fc Avanti" after World War I (1918–1919 estimated) but didn't have the status of proper football club. It was made by some football loving chaps after the First World War, however disappeared around 1924 to be replaced by the actual SC buochs in 1934 (officially).

Founding of SC Buochs[edit]

In 1933 was the first attempt made to establish SC Buochs but it failed due to only 9 people turning up which was insufficient to inaugurate the club. However then on the 21 of September 1934 13 'Friends of Football' met up to commence this new football Club, SC Buochs.

History of club[edit]

SC Buochs was initially an athletics club with the "SC" meaning sport club in German. SC Buochs started off in the lowest league in Switzerland called the "Serie C" playing against in a small pool of amateur sides at first. As World War II started in 1939 the football was put to a stand still until 1941. A great amount of the clubs didn't have an actual football field during this time as it was used for the cultivation of field crops, subsequently results in clubs like Hergiswil using Buochs's primacies. This also resulted in these clubs having withdraw which earned Buochs a promotion without actually being promoted to the 3 Liga.

Buochs 1[edit]

"Buochs 1" refers to SC Buochs first squad that currently play in the 2 Liga Interregional which is one of the many fourth piers in Swiss football. They are the best team in Canton Nidwalden and used to be one of the best teams in the IFV (Innerschweizer Fussball Verband) and is a considerable force to reckon with once this young team flourishes to compact squad with a lot of experience. There have been a few exceptional players who have played for this 'petty' club in the 'heart of Switzerland', including Reto Zanni,(currently playing for FC Basel), Selver Hodžić (who played in the champions league later with FC Thun) and Ryszard Komornicki (who played with Poland in the 1986 World Cup).

Buochs 1.jpg


SC buochs has a quality Junior program starting with the" football school" during spring teaching the youngsters the fundamentals of shooting, technique, rules, endurance and comradship before actually playing for the club. The club's youth program starts at F Juniors all the way up to A juniors and after that Buochs 1 or 2 and 3. Over the past years there have been some young and talented players who emerged from Buochs's youth system and have managed to play professionally or transferred to a professional club during the juniors and are still playing youth football. Reto Zanni who played for the Switzerland national under-21 football team and now plays for FC Basel and Christophe Lambert who currently plays for FC Luzern.


SC Buochs's home ground is located by the Lake of Lucerne, consisting of three pitches (one of them being artificial, two natural grass), one main building for changing, storage, office and stands and a restaurant.


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