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SD Gundam Seiden (SDガンダム聖伝 SD Gundam Holy Legend?) is a project centered on Bandai's Carddas trading cards. It also has a manga drawn by Ryuuichi Hoshino. The eighth work of the Knight Gundam series.


The eighth work of the Knight Gundam series and also the last in the series which story unfold in the Carddas trading cards. The series starts anew changing the title from Gaiden to Seiden and also introducing a new world - the Llion Cardzi World. Various changes are brought about, the Carddas design is changed, simpler character design compared to previous works, the absence of Kihei. But due to stagnant sales the series was discontinued, the Carddas series ended at the second chapter, the manga carried on to finish the story.

Characters are based on those from After War Gundam X and Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. Using the mysterious crystal Runeshard to change jobs, the same character can be a Swordsman, Fighter, Magician or Knight.

Story synopsis[edit]

The swordsman from Llion

Young swordsman X sets off to become a Knight. Along the way he safed Lord Maria and learnt of the rampage of Demon Beast Patulia. He fought alongside two knights and local monsters and obtained his first Runeshard. Heeding the knights' words he set off to the job change shrine.

The strongest fighter

At the shrine he became a Fighter. Following Techs' words he went to Olbania where he met the two knights. They entered the Fighters Tournament, defeated Ashtaron and saved Princess Tiffa. X obtained another Runeshard from the princess.

The way of the magician

With the Runeshard he became a Magician. With that X's party proceed to the Floating Fort and defeated Magician Virsago, breaking the curse of Kulon and obtaining the last Runeshard. The Floating Fort transports the party to the moon and thus began the final battle..


Llion Cardzi[edit]

X (エックス)

A young swordsman from the bloodline of the Satellite Clan. He went on a journey with his dog Freeden to chase his dream of becoming a Knight. Later on with the sudden appearance of the Demon Lord, he fights against the enemies from the Demon World while searching for the Runeshards. He went on to collect all Runeshards and mastered all the jobs.

Maruhachi (マルハチ)

The only survivor of the Kojima Village which was destroyed by Demon Beast Patulia. Went after Patulia in fit of anger but discovered that he can't harm Patulia in the day and thats went he met X. He has the ability to change jobs using disguises (not using Runeshard, cosplay?), his changes include swordsman, warrior, berserker, magician, priest, dancer, ninja..etc.

Knight Airmaster (騎士エアマスター)

A mercenary employed by Lord Maria. His true identity is a knight from Kulon Kingdom. Through his trainings he attained high speed sword technique. He dances in the battlefield, slaying the enemy with his two swords.

Knight Leopard (騎士レオパルド)

A mercenary employed by Lord Maria. His true identity is a knight from Kulon Kingdom. Invites enemy attacks with his easy actions, deals in close with a single blow of the spear.

Freeden/ Guardian Dragon Gefalcon (愛犬フリーデン/守護竜ジーファルコン)

X's dog. It's true form is the Guardian Dragon Gefalcon but through Virsago's magic became a dog. In the final battle Gefalcon became the Armor of Hero and enabled Knight X to become a Hero.

Prophet Techs (預言者テクス)

Caretaker of the job change shrine. Once a prophet of the Satellite Kingdom but through the revelations of the Heavens he became the official of the job change shrine.

Lord Maria (領主マリア)

Ruler of the Kalin Region. A monarch who is known and trusted by her people. On the appearance of Demon Beast Patulia, she employed the help of mercenary group Vulture and also two knights.

Princess Tiffa (ティファ姫)

Daughter of Lord Maria and grandchild of King Ofhart. Goy kidnapped by Ashtaron during her boarding studies at Adill Country, later she appeared as the prize of the Fighters Tournament at Olbania. Princess Tiffa's pendant holds the Runeshard of Magic.

King Ofhart (国王オブハート)

King of Kulon Kingdom. Father of Lod Maria, Tiffa's grandfather. Knowing of the danger of her granddaughter, he dispatches two knights. Had a past title of Fighter King.

Giant Swordsman Gouf (大剣士グフ)

Techs was against X going out of town to the dangerous outside world and have X fight against Gouf, X won and was permitted to leave.

Mercenary Leader Jamil (傭兵隊長ジャミル)
Mercenary Jenice (傭兵ジェニス)
Mercenary Zaku Half (傭兵ザクハーフ)

Mercenary group Vulture.


Zaku Slime (ザクスライム)
Sazabi Dragon (サザビードラゴン)
Golem The O (ゴーレムジ・オ)
Skeleton Denan Zon (スケルトンデナンゾン)

Once friendly monsters of Llion Cardzi that were controlled by Jagd Doga and became soldiers for the Demon World. Joins X in the battle against the Demon World after X kills Jagd Doga.

Qubeley Chimera (キュベレイキメラ)

A female servant of Lord Maria who is actually a monster who can transform to a human form.

Fighters Tournament[edit]

Before the tournament a large number of participants started a fight with the X and the knights and were defeated, below are the participants that are left (excluding X, Airmaster and Leopard):

Fighter Den'an Gei (闘士デナン・ゲー)

A fighter who uses a flame sword technique. X copies the flame technique and used it to defeat Denan Gei.

Knight Slayer Kampfer (騎士殺しケンプファー)

A fighter that used underhand means to defeat nine knights. Defeated by Airmaster.

Fierce Fighter Bolt (凶闘士ボルト)

Once trained with Leopard to become a knight but somehow because of Leopard he didn't become a knight. He hates Leopard and tries to use the power of the Demon Sword Hambrabi to defeat Leopard. Defeated by Leopard.

Old Warrior Zakusha (古戦士ザクーシャ)

Touted to be one of the few that are stronger than knights. During the fight with Zakusha, X's excitement results in a sudden growth in X's skills. Before his death he entrusted the task to defeat Ashtaron to X.

Fighters Ennil & Toniya (闘士エニル&トニヤ)
Brainmaster Garrod (ブレインマスターガロード)

Carddas only characters.

Demon World[edit]

Demon Lord Zaidaria (大魔王ザイダリア)

Demon Lord from the Demon World who came to invade Llion Cardzi.

Magician Virsago/ Magic Monster Chest Break (魔術師ヴァサーゴ/魔術モンスターチェストブレイク)

Aide of Demon Lord Zaidaria. He commands the monsters and throws the world into darkness and confusion. In the invasion of Kulon Kingdom, he used a spell to convert the power of the Runeshard into dark energy and transform into the Magic Monster Chest Break (a giant spider).

Giant Ashtaron/ Giant Crab Ashtaron (巨人アシュタロン/巨蟹アシュタロン)

A giant from the Demon World who rules Olbania. His aim for organizing the fighters tournament is to kill all the strong fighters in one go. His true form is that of a giant crab.

Demon Beast Patulia (魔獣パトゥーリア)

A giant demon beast that devours everything. It stops its actions in daytime and reverts to an unpenetratable hard shell form. At night he becomes the rampaging monster again.

Witch Gerbera (ウィッチガーベラ)

Controls the Demon Beast Patulia.

Puppeter Jagd Doga (傀儡師ヤクトドーガ)

Controlled the monsters of Llion Cardzi.

Clown Qubeley

Subordinate of Virsago. A magic user.

Job change system[edit]

When the job change ritual is carried out with a Runeshard in the job change shrine, it is possible to change to other jobs. With the Runeshard it is possible to change to a Swordsman, Fighter or Magician and upon mastering the three jobs the fourth job Knight is available. But there are also characters like Maruhachi who did not go through the job change ritual and uses disguises to change jobs.

  • Swordsman (剣士): The job that masters "technique". Skillful in handling weapons requiring technique like swords and spears.
  • Fighter (闘士): The job that masters "strength". Adapt in fights based on power. Usually fights bare-fisted also handle weapons like tonfers and hammers.
  • Magician (魔術師): The job that masters "magic". Uses attack spells and healing, resurrection spells.
  • Knight (騎士): The job that can only be attained when one masters the above three. The strongest job which unites the features of the above three jobs.
  • Hero (勇者): The ultimate job which has equal power compared to the Devil. A guardian dragon does a job change using a Runeshard to become the Armor of Hero, the armor equips on the chosen one changing him to a Hero.