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The SEAT Concepto T Coupé and Concepto T Cabrio are prototypes developed by the Spanish car maker SEAT, aiming to show the company's potential - under Volkswagen Group's ownership - over focusing on the creation of coupé and convertible body style vehicles.

Concepto T Coupé[edit]

The Concepto T Coupé was introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 1992. It is a 2+2 seats coupé car standing on the basis of the SEAT Toledo Mk1, designed in-house by the SEAT Prototypes Centre of Development in Spain. It was presented at the motor show painted in yellow, equipped with a 200 CV V6 engine.

Concepto T Cabrio[edit]

A year later in 1993, SEAT presented at the Barcelona Motor Show the Concepto T Cabrio, a soft top cabriolet in a reddish color. The Concepto T Cabrio was equipped with the same 200 CV horsepower V6 engine as the T Coupé .


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