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SEB bankas in Vilnius, Lithuania

SEB Bank (legal name AB SEB bankas, formerly Vilniaus bankas, then SEB Vilniaus bankas), a subsidiary of Swedish SEB Group, is a commercial bank of Lithuania. It was registered as a public company in the Enterprise Register of the Republic of Lithuania on 29 November 1990. As of 2009, SEB Bank was providing services to about one million customers all over Lithuania.

SEB Bank’s corporate group in Lithuania includes SEB Bank as well as its four subsidiary companies:

  • SEB Lizingas, a fully owned subsidiary engaged in the leasing activities,
  • SEB Venture Capital, a fully owned subsidiary involved in venture capital activities,
  • SEB Enskilda, a fully owned subsidiary engaged in provision of corporate finance services,
  • SEB Investicijų Valdymas, a fully owned subsidiary engaged in provision of investment management services,

Other SEB-owned entities operating in Lithuania are:

  • SEB Gyvybės Draudimas, a life insurance company,
  • Litectus, a real estate management company
  • Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB, Vilnius Branch, established on 6 October 2008 with the function of managing accounts of a certain part of SEB customers in Sweden, as well as providing other back office services to SEB units.

The largest shareholder of SEB Bank is Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, owning 99.71 percent of the bank’s shares.

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