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SEK Studio
Native name
Chosŏn 4.26 Atong Yŏnghwa Ch'al-yŏngso
Industry Animation
Founded September 7, 1957 (1957-09-07)[1]
Headquarters Othan-dong, Central District, Pyongyang, North Korea
Key people
Jun Ok Kim
Number of employees
1,500 (2003)[2]
SEK Studio
Chosŏn'gŭl 조선4·26만화영화촬영소
Revised Romanization Joseon 4.26 Adong Yeonghwa Chwal-yeongso
McCune–Reischauer Chosŏn 4.26 Atong Yŏnghwa Ch'al-yŏngso

Scientific Educational Korea or SEK Studio (Chosŏn'gŭl조선4·26만화영화촬영소; lit. "Korean April 26 Animation Film Studio") is a North Korean animation studio, based in Othan-dong, Central District, Pyongyang.[3]


The studio started operations in September 1957, as April 26 Children's Film Studio.[1] Around 1985, it began to outsource animation for European television.[4] It was registered as the SEK Studio in 1997 in order to take part at an animation festival in France.[2] SEK Studio participated in "Shijiazhuang International Animation Exhibition" on September 30, 2014.[5] SEK Studio is expected to introduce a new science fiction genre animation.[6]

History of Names[edit]

  • Chosun National Film Studio – Puppet Animation Film Research Institute (1957~1959)
  • Chosun National Film Studio – Animation Film Studio (1959~1960)
  • Chosun National Film Studio – Animation Film Production (1960~1964)
  • Chosun Children's Film Studio (1964~1971)
  • Chosun Science Education Film Studio – Animation Film Production Team (1971~1980)
  • Chosun Science Education Film Studio – Children's Film Production Team (1980~1996)
  • Chosun 4.26 Children's Film Studio (1996~2013)
  • Chosun 4.26 Animation Film Studio (2013~)

Corporate size[edit]

As of 2003, SEK Studio employed over 1,500 people[2] and subcontracted work for over 70 companies from around the globe, including Europe, South Korea, China, Canada and the United States. After the introduction of advanced equipment, the number of employees was reduced to about 500.[7] There are 11 animation production teams in SEK Studio, 9 production teams are responsible for overseas animations subcontracting, and the 2 production teams produce domestic animations.[8] According to Animation Career Review, SEK is the 85th most influential animation studio of all-time. SEK Studio's staff is mostly from Pyongyang Art Academy, and SEK Studio has established an animation training institute to teach young students.[9]


SEK has provided animation for the following works:[10]


SEK Studio has produced over 300 Animations.

English Title Original Title Year Notes
Gojumong 고주몽 2016
The Boy General (Series 2) 소년장수 (2부) 2015
Two Boys who Found the Answer 답을 찾은 두 소년 2015
Byeolnam and Rubber Ball 별남이와 고무공 2011
The Enchanted Mountain 금강산 팔선녀 2008
The Queen of the Swallows 흥부와 놀부 2008
The Song by an Oriole 꾀꼴새가 부른 노래 2006
Butterfly and Rooster 나비와 수탉 2006 Remake of the 1976 film
Squirrel and Hedgehog (Series 2) (ko) 다람이와 고슴도치 (2부) 2006 Aired in the 2000s decade.
Let's Keep the Traffic Order 교통질서를 잘 지키자요 2006 Traffic Safety Animated Series for Kids
Prince Hodong and the Princess of Nakrang 호동왕자와 락랑공주 1990
Clever Raccoon Dog 령리한 너구리 1987 [11]
A Winged Horse 날개달린 룡마 1983
The Boy General 소년장수 1982 50 episodes, ending in 1996.
Squirrel and Hedgehog 다람이와 고슴도치 1977
Raccoon Dog's Height Measurement 너구리의 높이재기 1976
Butterfly and Rooster 나비와 수탉 1976
Time Bomb 시한폭탄 1967 Anti-USA Propaganda Film
Our Hill 우리 동산 1959 SEK Studio's First Animation Film

Animation services[edit]

SEK Studio has subcontracted over 250 Foreign Animations. They mainly work on subcontracting Italian, French, Spanish and Chinese animation.[12]

SEK has done work on several animated series from Mondo TV, including Pocahontas: Princess of the American Indians[13] and Simba the King Lion,[14][15][16] (due to this two, it has been repeatedly misinformed that SEK has worked for The Walt Disney Company). SEK also has produced features such as the French science fiction epic Gandahar (The Light Years) and Empress Chung.[17]

Title Year Notes
Bu-Bum! La strada verso casa 2016
Egyxos 2015
Stan Lee's Mighty 7 2014
Star Key 2014 With Gama Movie Animation
Le straordinarie avventure di Jules Verne 2013
Il sogno di Brent 2013
Baskup Tony Parker 2011
Spike Team 2010
Giovanni e Paolo e il Mistero dei Pupi 2010
Chumballs 2009
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2009
Angel's Friends 2008 Produced by Mondo TV
Avatar: The Last Airbender 2007 Episode "The Awakening", outsourced by MOI Animation Studio
Jurassic Cubs 2007
Padre Pio 2006
Winx Club Series 2004 Outsourced by AKOM
La cuisine est un jeu d'enfants 2004
The Boy (TV series) 2003
The Spaghetti Family 2003 Produced by Mondo TV
The Bellflower Bunnies 2001 Season 1 (4 episodes)
Prudence Petitpas 2001
Marcelino Pan y Vino (anime) 2001
Bécassine et le Trésor viking 2001
Les enfants de Toromiro 2000
Les Aventures outre-mer 2000
La Princesse du Nil 1999 1999 Animated Series
Sophie's Misfortunes 1998
Princess Sheherazade 1996
Papa Beaver's Storytime 1993 1999 episodes; credited as Studio SEK
Pocahontas: Princess of the American Indians 1998 Produced by Mondo TV, Directed by Orlando Corradi
Simba the King Lion 1997 Produced by Mondo TV, Directed by Orlando Corradi
Davy Crockett 1994
Les Misérables 1992
Pif and Hercules 1989 Credited as Studio S.E.K.
Ernest Le Vampire 1989
Bamboo Bears 1995


Title Year Notes
Futurama Bender's Big Score 2007 Outsourced by Rough Draft Studios
The Simpsons Movie 2007 Outsourced by Rough Draft Studios
Empress Chung 2005 First animated feature produced and released simultaneously in North and South Korea[17]
Tentacolino 2004 Produced by Mondo TV[4]
Corto Maltese, la cour secrète des arcanes (fr) 2002
The Legend of the Titanic 1999 Produced by Mondo TV[4]
Gandahar (Light Years) 1988 [4]
How Wang-Fo Was Saved 1987

In popular culture[edit]

Canadian animator and cartoonist Guy Delisle documented his experiences whilst working at the SEK Studio in his graphic novel, Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea.[18] because SEK studio subcontracted the Corto Maltese animation.

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