SETE Linhas Aéreas

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SETE Linhas Aéreas
SETE Linhas Aéreas.png
Founded 1999
Operating bases Goiânia/Santa Genoveva Airport
Frequent-flyer program none
Airport lounge none
Alliance none
Fleet size 08
Destinations 18
Parent company Grupo SETE
Headquarters Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil
Key people Luiz Roberto Vilella (Managing Director)
Eriston Ricardo Macedo de Araújo (Managing Director)

SETE Linhas Aéreas Ltda. (Serviços Especiais de Transportes Executivos) is a domestic airline based in Goiânia, Brazil founded in 1999. The company operates in several cities located in the brazilian states of Goiás, Tocantins, Mato Grosso, Pará and Amapá, and also in the Federal District (Brasília).

According to the National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil (ANAC), between January and December 2014 Sete had 0% of the domestic market share in terms of passengers per kilometer flown.[1]

SETE Linhas Aéreas is the main regional airline of both Central and North-Central regions of Brazil.


SETE traces its origins to the year 1976 when Rolim Adolfo Amaro, also founder of TAM Airlines, created an airline specialized in general aviation and maintenance. The airline was sold to Luis Roberto Villela in 1980, who bought its first aircraft, a Mitsubishi.

In 1995 SETE built a hangar at Goiânia Airport and in 1998 it started to offer air-medical services. In 1999 SETE received authorization to operate charter flights and in 2006 it became a regular carrier. Its fleet then consisted of 3 Cessna 208B Grand Caravan. A fourth Cessna arrived in 2000 and a fifth in 2002.[2]


As of July 2012 SETE Linhas Aéreas operated scheduled services to the following destinations:[3]

City Airport Code Airport Note
Altamira ATM SBHT Altamira Airport
Araguaína AUX SWGN Araguaína Airport
Belém BEL SBBE Val de Cans–Júlio Cezar Ribeiro International Airport
Brasília BSB SBBR Pres. Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport
Carajás (Parauapebas) CKS SBCJ Carajás Airport
Conceição do Araguaia CDJ SBAA Conceição do Araguaia Airport
Confresa CFO SJHG Confresa Airport
Goiânia GYN SBGO Santa Genoveva Airport
Gurupi GRP SWGI Gurupi Airport
Itaituba ITB SBIH Itaituba Airport
Macapá MCP SBMQ Macapá Airport
Marabá MAB SBMA João Correia da Rocha Airport
Monte Dourado (Almeirim) MEU SBMD Serra do Areão Airport
Minaçu MQH SWIQ Minaçu Airport
Ourilândia do Norte OIA SDOW Ourilândia do Norte Airport
Palmas PMW SBPJ Brig. Lysias Rodrigues Airport
Redenção RDC SNDC Redenção Airport
Santana do Araguaia CMP SNKE Santana do Araguaia Airport Terminated
Santarém STM SBSN Maestro Wilson Fonseca Airport
São Félix do Araguaia SXO SWFX São Félix do Araguaia Airport
São Félix do Xingu SXX SNFX São Félix do Xingu Airport Terminated


As of April 2015 the fleet of Sete Linhas Aéreas included the following aircraft:[4]

SETE Linhas Aéreas Fleet
Aircraft Total Orders Passengers (Y) Introduced Notes
Cessna 208B Grand Caravan 5 9 1999
Embraer EMB 120RT Brasília 3 30 2010

Airline affinity program[edit]

SETE Linhas Aéreas has no Frequent Flyer Program.

Embraer EMB 120 at Monte Dourado Airport


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