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SET News
Launched March 1998
Network Sanlih E-Television
Slogan "你現在所收看的是:SET三立新聞台" (You are watching SET News)
"讓台灣更美好:三立新聞台" (Make Taiwan better: SET News)
"新聞在哪裡 三立就在哪裡" (Where the news on, we are there.)
成為華人世界最有影響力的新聞網 (Become the world's most-trusted Chinese news network)
Country Republic of China (Taiwan)
Broadcast area Taiwan
Headquarters Taiwan
CATV Channel 54

SET News (SETN; Chinese: 三立新聞台, Pinyin: Sānlì xīnwén tái) is a 24-hour news channel of the Sanlih E-Television in Taiwan, launched in March 1998

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