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sE Electronics, sE Munro, sE Rupert Neve
Industry Music
Genre Audio equipment
Founded USA
Founder Siwei Zou
Headquarters Shanghai, China
Area served
Products Microphones, reflexion filters, studio monitors

sE Electronics is a microphone and studio monitor manufacturer, based in Shanghai, China. Formed in 2000 by Siwei Zou, the company manufactures studio microphones, portable vocal booths (the sE Reflexion Filter series) and monitoring systems. Partnerships with Rupert Neve and Andy Munro have yielded the brands sE Rupert Neve and sE Munro.

sE Electronics microphones[edit]

  • sE X1
  • sE1a
  • sE4
  • H1
  • sE2200a
  • sE2200a II C
  • sE2200a II MP (Multi-Pattern)
  • sE2200T
  • Z3300a
  • sE4400a
  • sE5000
  • Z5600a II
  • Gemini II
  • Gemini III
  • Gemini 5
  • USB2200a
  • T2 Titanium
  • Voodoo VR1
  • Voodoo VR2
  • Magneto [1]
  • Magneto Limited Edition [2]

sE Rupert Neve microphones[edit]

  • sE Rupert Neve RNR1
  • sE Rupert Neve RN17

sE Munro monitoring systems[edit]

  • sE Munro Egg 150


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