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1968 December issue of S-F Magazine (S-Fマガジン)
Illustration for Hayakawa's S-F Magazine by Hidenori Watanave.

S-F Magazine (also known as Hayakawa's SF Magazine) is a science fiction magazine in Japan. It began publication with the February 1960 issue, which appeared in bookshops at the end of 1959. It was Japan’s first successful prozine.


S-F Magazine was first edited by Masami Fukushima. He was the editor for nearly a decade, being succeeded by Masaru Mori in 1969. At first the magazine published translations of English language science fiction stories. Later the magazine began publishing original fiction by Japanese authors.

It became a bimonthly publication from the April 2015 issue.


S-F Magazine has conducted Hayakawa's S-F Magazine Reader's Award (SFマガジン読者賞 Esuefu Magajin Dokusha Shō?) where the magazine’s readers vote annually for best foreign short story, best Japanese short story and best illustrator from their issues in the previous year since 1989.

It also held Hayakawa SF Contest (ハヤカワ・SFコンテスト Hayakawa Esuefu Kontesuto?) during 1962-1992 and resumed in 2013, a prize for unpublished works to recruit new writers.

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