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This article is about the science-fiction oriented blog and fanzine. For the telephony term, see Single-frequency signaling.
SF Signal
Sf signal website logo.jpg
Official site logo as of May 2014
Web address www.sfsignal.com
Owner John DeNardo, JP Frantz
Launched 2003
Alexa rank
Increase 151,813 (Global, 12/2014)
Current status Running

SF Signal is a Hugo Award winning science fiction oriented blog and fanzine. It focuses on topics in the science fiction genre such as literature, film, and artwork, but will also address topics in other genres such as fantasy, young adult, and horror fiction. The site offers readers several weekly and monthly series such as book reviews,[1] link roundups of author interviews and profiles,[2] round table discussions on various topics (termed "Mind Melds"),[3] links to currently free speculative fiction,[4] contests, and notifications of various events and things that the website finds interesting.

The website was launched in 2003 by John DeNardo and JP Frantz after they noticed a lack of blogs focusing on science fiction. They decided to launch a blog where they could discuss science fiction and related genre writings, events and ideas that were interesting to them.[5] As the website's popularity grew, they began to incorporate more original content and hired additional staff members as well as brought in new contributors.[5] SF Signal currently runs three podcasts, SF Crossing the Gulf,[6] The Three Hoarsemen,[7] and The SF Signal Podcast.[8]

In 2012 SF Signal won the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine which marked the first time a fanzine won in its first year of contention and the first time an electronic fanzine of this type won the award.[9]



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