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SF Site
Commercial Yes
Type of site
Science fiction, online magazine
Available in English
Created by John O'Neill
Editor Rodger Turner
Launched 1996
IP address sfsite.com
Current status Active

SF Site is a science fiction online magazine edited by Rodger Turner. Established in 1996 by John O'Neill, it is based in Canada, but includes contributors from around the world. It publishes reviews of science fiction books, films, and television, and features interviews with authors and fiction excerpts. Contributors include Steven H Silver, Richard Lupoff, Rick Norwood, Victoria Strauss, Mark London Williams, and Rick Klaw.

It is also the web hosting for notable science fiction and fantasy authors such as Guy Gavriel Kay and Charles de Lint and magazines such as Fantasy and Science Fiction. It hosts a science fiction discussion forum and RSS feed. In 2002, it won the Locus Award for best science fiction webzine.[1]

In December 2013, SF Site suspended production of regular twice-monthly updates, due to declining advertising revenue.[2]


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