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SFeraKon ulaz r 240409.jpg
SFeraKon 2009
Status Active
Genre Science fiction/Fantasy
Venue Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Location(s) Zagreb
Country Croatia
Inaugurated 1983
Attendance 800
Organized by SFera

SFeraKon is an science fiction convention that takes place in Zagreb, Croatia every year at the end of April. Organised by SFera, it is the largest and the longest running science fiction convention in southeastern Europe.[1]

The first SFeraKon by its own name was held in 1983, continuing the tradition of "science fiction days in Zagreb" after Yukon, the Yugoslav national science fiction convention, started taking place in other towns, the first few having taken place in Zagreb. Since 1994 it is being held on the grounds of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

In 1986 it hosted a Eurocon, the European Science fiction convention, with Sam Lundwall as a guest of honour. The 1998 SFeraKon was called a "Euroconference"[2] but was not officially a Eurocon.[3] In recent years famous guests of honor have included Robert Silverberg (1999), Walter Jon Williams (2001),[4] Lois McMaster Bujold (2002), George R. R. Martin (2003), Ken MacLeod (2004),[5] Michael Swanwick (2006), Bruce Sterling (2007), Richard Morgan (2008),[6] R. Scott Bakker (2009),[7] and Ian McDonald (2010).[8]

Typical attendance is 500-1000 visitors.[citation needed]


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