SG Dynamo Hohenschönhausen

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SG Dynamo Hohenschönhausen
Full name Sportgemeinschaft Dynamo Hohenschönhausen
Founded 1952
Dissolved 1966
Ground Sportforum Hohenschönhausen
Ground Capacity 12,000
Affiliated to SV Dynamo

SG Dynamo Hohenschönhausen was an East German football club from Berlin, affiliated to the SV Dynamo sports society. It was active from 1952 to 1966.


The club began life as SG Dynamo Berlin, and was the first football club to take this name. It entered the DDR-Liga (II) in 1952, taking the place of the recently dissolved SG Volkspolizei Potsdam. In 1956, SG Dynamo Dresden's team was moved to Berlin, forming SC Dynamo Berlin. This meant that for a short time there were two football teams named Dynamo Berlin, but SG, now demoted to the Bezirksliga (IV) to make way, was quickly renamed SG Dynamo Berlin-Mitte.

In the 1956 season, Mitte earned promotion to the 2. DDR-Liga (III), at which point it was merged with SC Dynamo Berlin's second team, under the name SG Dynamo Hohenschönhausen. While the new club was technically an independent club, it was, in practice, a feeder club to Dynamo Berlin, and regularly featured promising youngsters and retiring veterans from its parent club.

In 1959, Hohenschönhausen was promoted back to the DDR-Liga, and, after one relegation from which it immediately recovered, stabilised in the second tier.

1966 saw SC Dynamo Berlin restructured, with the football department reformed as Berliner FC Dynamo. This meant the end of SG Dynamo Hohenschönhausen, with its players transferred to BFC's reserve team.