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Shetland Islands Council Ferries Ltd
Public (Council-owned)
Industry Transport
Area served
Inter-island Shetland
Services Ferries
Owner Shetland Islands Council

Shetland Islands Council Ferries (often named SIC Ferries) is a company operating inter-island ferry services in Shetland, a subarctic archipelago off the northeast coast of Scotland.[1]


The Bressay Ferry at Lerwick

Services of the SIC Ferries are:[2]

  • Yell service to the North Isle of Yell linking Toft on the Mainland.
  • Bluemill service to the North Isles of Unst and Fetlar linking Gutcher, Yell. The Fetlar service also opeartes from Belmont, Unst.
  • Whalsay service to the isle of Whalsay linking Laxo on the Mainland.
  • Out Skerries service to the isle of Out Skerries linking Vildin on the Mainland. There is also a service from Lerwick, Mainland.
  • Bressay service to the isle of Bressay linking Lerwick on the Mainland.
  • Papa Stour to the isle of Papa Stour from West Burrafirth on the Mainland.


Fleet of the SIC Ferries are:

  • MVs Dagalien and Daggri both built in Gdańsk, Poland. They can both carry 145 passengers and 35 cars and are both normally used on the Yell service.
  • MVs Bigga and Giera was built by Dunstons, Hestle and Millers, St Monance and can carry 125 cars and 86 passengers and are both used on the Bluemull services.
  • MV Filla was built by Northern Shipbuilders in Gdańsk and can carry 123 passengers and 25 cars is normally used on the Skerries route.
  • MV Fivla was built by Ferguson-Alisa and is now used as a stand-by vessel. She can carry 15 cars and 45 passengers.
  • MV Good Shepherd IV was built by Millers, St Monance and can carry 2 cars (craned on)[3] and 25 passengers and is normally used on the Fair Isle service.
  • MVs Hendra and Linga were built by McTay Marine, Bromborough and Stocznia Polnocna, Gdańsk, Poland and are both normally used on the Whalsay service. They can carry 23 cars and 132 passengers.
  • MV Leirna was built by Ferguson Shipbuilders, Port Glasgow and is used on the Bressay service. She can carry 125 passengers and 20 cars.
  • MV Snolda was built by Sigbjorn Iversen, Norway and is normally used on the Papa Stour service. It can carry 1 cars and 5 passengers
  • MV Thora was built by Thorshavnor Skipasmidja, Faroe and is normally used as a stand-by vessel and the Papa Stour service. She is one of the oldest ferries bought in the late 1970s.


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