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Shanghai Industrial Company
Industry Manufacturing
Headquarters Shanghai, China
Key people
Mr. Ma Jian - Director
Products Metalworking Machinery

Shanghai Industrial Company, also known as SIEG, is a Chinese manufacturer of metalworking and woodworking machine tools. Their machines are commonly rebranded and sold by retailers around the world. They make two lines which correspond to the colors the machines are painted. The "Red and Black Series" (Green when sold by Grizzly and available in a multitude of colours in the UK) are smaller machines aimed at the home shop market, while the "White and Blue Series" is intended for light industry.

Red and Black series[edit]

The Red and Black series of metalworking machines have gained popularity among various hobby circles such as robotics, RC vehicles, modeling, model trains, and go-carting due to their low initial cost, compact size and ready availability. They have also found their way into shops where light capacity machining is required such as small engine repair.

The popular X series of vertical mills includes the X0, X1, X2, X2.3, X2.7 and X3 as well as the "super" variants SX0, SX1, SX2, SX2.3, SX2.7, SX3, and SX4. The X1 is commonly referred to as the Micro-Mill, the X2 is commonly referred to as the "Mini-Mill", and the X3 takes the title of "Small-Mill". This series is a small, manual, vertical milling/drilling machine designed for micro to light capacity applications. Their machines are usually not sold under their own name, but instead rebranded (private labelled) and sold by a variety of companies. A few of the known equivalents are:

X1 aka the "micro-mill" = Harbor Freight 47158
X2 aka the "mini-mill" = Harbor Freight 44991, Grizzly G8689, Micro-Mark 82573, Homier 3947 and Cummins 7877.
X3 aka the "small-mill" = Grizzly G0463 and Harbor Freight 93885
SX3 Grizzly G0619 / SX3L
SX4 Grizzly G0720R

The popular C series of metalworking lathes includes the C0, C1, C2, C3, C4, C6, C8 and C10 as well as the SUPER variants SC0, SC2, SC3, SC4, SC6, SC8 and SC10. which is commonly described by reference to the machine's swing over bed and distance between centers in inches (i.e. 7"x10"), is also popular with home shop machinists. The consumer models have attracted the following of a community of enthusiasts and hobbyists in several online forums.

Brushless Motor Technology:

SIEG is the first Chinese manufacturer to have equipped their small lathe and mill products with brushless motors. This brushless motor is controlled by a programmed control board that automatically adjust the torque ouput, in order to maximize it from low to high RPM range; it is quieter too. All SIEG's "Super" variants are equipped with the brushless thechonology, except the SX1.

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