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SIM University
Universiti SIM  (Malay)
新跃大学 (Chinese)
சிம் பல்கலைக்கழகம் (Tamil)
UniSIM Updated Logo.gif
Type Publicly-funded[1] private[a][2] university
Established 2005

S$101.60 million

Chancellor Mr Gerard Ee
President Professor Cheong Hee Kiat
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students 13,369
Undergraduates 11,115
Postgraduates 2,254
Location Clementi, Singapore
1°19′45″N 103°46′35″E / 1.32917°N 103.77639°E / 1.32917; 103.77639Coordinates: 1°19′45″N 103°46′35″E / 1.32917°N 103.77639°E / 1.32917; 103.77639


9.2 hectares

UniSIM Red

Affiliations International Association of Universities
^ "Private" here does not refer to the funding but instead refers to the management of the university, i.e. managed by Singapore Institute of Management and is not a statutory board.

SIM University (Abbreviation: UniSIM) is a publicly-funded[1] private[a][2] university in Singapore, with future plans to become Singapore's sixth autonomous university.[4] It was established in 2005 and is managed separately from the SIM Global Education arm of the Singapore Institute of Management Group.

Previously, SIM university only admitted part-time students but began to offer publicly-funded university places in 2014. Though a private university, eligible students are able to enjoy government tuition fee subsidy, government loans and bursaries for their undergraduate education.[5][6]

As of 2014 the patron of the university is Tony Tan Keng Yam, President of Singapore. The Chancellor of the university is Professor Cham Tao Soon, who was the founding president of Nanyang Technological University (NTU). The Founding President of SIM University is Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, former deputy president of NTU. In October 2013, it was announced that UniSIM has been selected to house Singapore's third law school.[7][8]


Year 2005: Establishment[edit]

Singapore Institute of Management received Ministry of Education (MOE) mandate to start a private university for working adults. SIM University (UniSIM), the first and only university in Singapore dedicated to adult learners, was established. The university will be housed at the SIM Headquarters, the largest and most comprehensive campus among Singapore's private education industry.

Year 2006: First Student Intake[edit]

UniSIM commenced classes officially with the first student intake in January.

Year 2008: Government Subsidy[edit]

The Singapore Government announced a government tuition fee subsidy of up to 40% of tuition fees to eligible UniSIM undergraduates. The government tuition fee subsidy will be granted to eligible Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents (PR).

Year 2011: Enhanced Government Subsidy[edit]

The Government tuition fee subsidy was increased up to 55% of tuition fees.

Year 2012[edit]

Private to Local University Status[edit]

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, in the National Day Rally 2012, announced that Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and SIM University (UniSIM) will become the republic's 5th and 6th universities in future. Both institutions will participate in the Government’s plan to increase the number of publicly funded full-time university places.[9]

Extension of Financial Aid[edit]

The government bursaries and loans, which are currently only available to full-time students in the autonomous universities will be extended to UniSIM’s part-time students.

Year 2013[edit]

Setting up of Third Law School[edit]

Education Minister Heng Swee Keat announced at UniSIM convocation ceremony that SIM University has been selected to house Singapore's third law school.[10]

Announcement of publicly funded Full-time programmes[edit]

UniSIM, together with SIT, will launch full-time publicly funded degree programmes in 2014. New programmes offered by both universities will take on the new 'Applied Degree' pathway which will heavily emphasize practice-oriented teaching. UniSIM will first offer programmes in Accountancy, Finance and Marketing.[11]

Academic schools[edit]

SIM University currently offers more than 50 academic programmes through four academic schools.

School of Arts & Social Sciences[edit]

The School offers a diverse range of programmes in Languages and Literatures, Social Sciences and Translation. It also offers Certification Examinations for Professional Interpreters. The school also offers the first and only Translation & Interpretation bachelor's degree programme in Singapore.

School of Business[edit]

The School offers a diverse range of Business and Management programmes. It also offers the first Master of Taxation programme in Singapore in collaboration with the Tax Academy of Singapore.

The School of Business has the largest enrolment of students in the university.

School of Human Development & Social Services[edit]

The School offers a range of programmes in Counselling, Early Childhood Education, Human Resource Management and Social Work. It offers Singapore's first counselling degree programmes at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, first early childhood bachelor's degree as well as the first Gerontology programme at the postgraduate level.

School of Science & Technology[edit]

The School offers a range of programmes in Aerospace & Aviation, Building, Engineering, Military Studies and Technology. It also offers an industrial PhD programme.


A candidate applying to SIM University must either be a Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident or a resident in Singapore. In addition, the candidate must meet the relevant entry requirements.


Office of the President[edit]

The Office of the President provides the overall leadership to the operations of the university.

Office of the Provost[edit]

The Office of the Provost formulates, implements and reviews academic policies and programmes. The Office also oversees the activities and initiatives of the four academic schools as well as the UniSIM College, Office of Graduate Studies and the Centre for Applied Research.

Office of the Registrar[edit]

The Office of the Registrar formulates, implements and reviews administrative policies, processes and procedures. The Office provides effective and efficient support services through the Offices of Admission, Academic Services and Student & Alumni Relations.

Office of the Vice-President (Learning Services)[edit]

The Office of the Vice-President (Learning Services) develops, implements and reviews the effectiveness of teaching and learning support services. The cluster consists of the Educational Technology & Production Department and Teaching & Learning Centre.

UniSIM College[edit]

The UniSIM College (UC) is a new unit set up for the development of curricula and programmes for SIM University's full-time programmes. UC seeks to develop self-directed learners and job-ready graduates for the ever-changing and increasingly globalised work environment by offering applied, practice-oriented programmes that include a Professional Major and several Major-Minor combinations.[12]

Corporate Office[edit]

[13] The Corporate Office consists of the following departments:

  • Communications Department
  • Organisation Development Department
  • Planning & Finance Department
  • Quality Assurance Unit

Office of Academic Services[edit]

The Office of Academic Services provides academic-related services to the faculty, associates and students in the areas of student records, curriculum administration, course materials management, assignment and examinations, class scheduling, and appointment of associate faculty.[14] The Office consists of the following departments:

  • Associates Administration Department
  • Curriculum Administration Department
  • Examination Administration Department
  • Logistics and Scheduling Department
  • Student Records Department

Office of Admissions[edit]

The Office of Admissions administers matters pertaining to the promotion of the UniSIM's undergraduate programmes, student recruitment activities, admission of new students and management of the student awards scheme including scholarships, sponsorships and study grants.[15] The Office consists of two departments:

  • Student Recruitment Department
  • Student Admissions Department

Office of Graduate Studies[edit]

[16] The Office of Graduate Studies currently supports ten postgraduate programmes:

  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • PhD Chinese Language and Literature
  • MA Chinese Language and Literature
  • Master of Community Leadership and Social Development
  • Master of Counselling
  • Master of Engineering
  • Master of Human Capital Management
  • Master of Taxation
  • Graduate Diploma and Master of Gerontology
  • Graduate Diploma and Master of Social Work

Office of Student & Alumni Relations[edit]

The Office of Student and Alumni Relations acts as a "bridge" between UniSIM students, alumni and schools/administrative departments by serving as the first point of contact for students and alumni, and enhancing the overall student support and services and relationship-building with its alumni.[17] The Office consists of two departments:

  • Alumni Relations Department
  • Student Support Department

Campus IT Services Division[edit]

The Campus IT Services Division (CITS) provides in-house application development services and maintain UniSIM's growing IT infrastructure.[18] The division consists of two departments:

  • Application Development Department
  • IT Operation Department


Centre for Applied Research[edit]

The Centre for Applied Research (CFAR) undertakes, administers and facilitates research and related activities. It also serves as an incubation centre for research programmes and projects. CFAR, being UniSIM’s knowledge hub, maintains a repository of the knowledge output of all faculty, staff and students.[19][20]

The research focus is primarily on applied work with industry relevance. This is in line with its aim to contribute to the society in a tangible manner. In the same spirit, CFAR undertakes collaborative research with industry partners and public institutions on various issues of direct interest to the business community and to the society at large.

CFAR also actively promotes and undertakes case writing for the purpose of deployment in UniSIM’s graduate and undergraduate programmes to ensure that as a tertiary institution we continue to offer holistic academic programmes with a good balance between academics and practice.

The Centre, headed by the Director of Research and assisted by highly trained research associates, also runs a seminar series to showcase the research output of UniSIM.

UniSIM Centre for Chinese Studies[edit]

The UniSIM Centre for Chinese Studies (UCCS) aims to raise awareness and understanding of the Chinese language, culture and contemporary Chinese society among Singaporeans through the University’s programmes, courses, research, publications, events/activities and external relations. The Centre serves as SIM University's one-stop resource centre to monitor trends and developments in the wider Chinese-speaking world to aid in making necessary adjustments in curriculum development and academic activities, provide a channel for the general public to enhance their understanding of the Chinese language and culture, and contemporary Chinese society, and provide a common platform for interaction in these areas among UniSIM's staff, associates, students and alumni, the general public and the international community.[21][22]

Industry Collaborations[edit]

The university currently has the following industry-linked academic programmes:

School of Arts & Social Sciences

School of Business

  • UniSIM - Partnership with 5 Accounting Firms (KPMG, Don Ho & Associates, Foo Kon Tan Grant Thornton, Nexus Public Accounting Corporation, RSM Chio Lim) - Bachelor of Accountancy
  • UniSIM - Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) Partnership - BA Visual Communication with Business
  • UniSIM - Singapore Police Force (SPF) Partnership - BSc Management & Security Studies
  • UniSIM - Sift Analytics Group Partnership - BSc Business Analytics
  • UniSIM - Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) Partnership - BSc Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • UniSIM - Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS) Partnership - Bsc Finance
  • UniSIM - Tax Academy of Singapore (TA) Partnership - Master of Taxation

School of Human Development & Social Services

  • UniSIM - Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) Professional Conversion Programme - Bachelor of Social Work
  • UniSIM - SEED Institute Partnership - Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Management
  • UniSIM - Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL) Partnership - Bachelor of Early Childhood and Chinese Language Education
  • UniSIM - Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Counselling Centre Partnership - Bachelor of Counselling
  • UniSIM - Singapore Accredited Estate Agencies Ltd (SAEA) Partnership - General Studies Programme
  • UniSIM - People's Association (PA) Partnership - Master of Community Leadership and Social Development

School of Science & Technology

  • UniSIM - Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Partnership
  • UniSIM - Singapore Polytechnic (SP) - Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Academy Partnership - BSc Facilities and Events Management
  • UniSIM - Construction Industry Joint Committee (CIJC) - Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Academy Partnership - Bachelor of Building and Project Management
  • UniSIM - ST Aerospace Partnership - Aviation Degree Programmes
  • UniSIM - Pico Art Partnership - BSc Facilities and Events Management

Industry Partners[edit]

SIM University has agreements with established organisations to co-develop programmes, courses and activities as well as the sharing of expertise between both parties. Some of these organisations will provide industrial attachments to students as well as offer job opportunities to graduating students. UniSIM will receive extensive support from different organisations in the form of provision of strategic plans, programme feedback, scholarships and sponsorships for students, provision of infrastructure, case studies development for programmes as well as networking opportunities. UniSIM will also provide sponsorships of programmes to selected affiliated members of certain organisations. The following organisations have agreements with the university:[23]

  • Accenture
  • Building and Construction Authority (BCA)
  • Business China
  • Construction Industry Joint Committee (CIJC)
  • Council for Third Age
  • Creative Media Academy (CMA)
  • Don Ho & Associates
  • Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS)
  • Foo Kon Tan Grant Thornton
  • HomeTeamNS
  • International Institute for Learning (partner for the delivery of ICT265 & ITIL courses)
  • KPMG
  • Land Transport Authority (LTA)
  • MAJ Aviation
  • Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) Defence Psychology Department
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Diplomatic Academy
  • Motorola Solutions
  • National Council of Social Service (NCSS)
  • National Kidney Foundation (NKF)
  • National Trades Union Congress (NTUC)
  • NCS
  • Nexia Public Accounting Corporation
  • Ong Teng Cheong Labour Leadership Institute (OTCLLi)
  • People's Association (PA)
  • Playware Studios Asia (PWS)
  • Pico Art International
  • Raffles Dental, Raffles Medical Group
  • Red Hat
  • Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)
  • RSM Chio Lim
  • SAP
  • Science Centre Board (SCB)
  • Singapore Armed Forces
  • Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC)
  • Singapore Association of Social Workers (SASW)
  • Singapore Computer Society (SCS)
  • Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA)
  • Singapore Film Society (SFS)
  • Singapore Logistics Association (SLA)
  • Singapore Police Force (SPF)
  • Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA)
  • Singapore Teachers' Union (STU)
  • Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA)
  • Sift Analytics Group
  • SPRING Singapore
  • ST Aerospace
  • ST Electronics Large-Scale Systems Group
  • ST Electronics Info-Comm Systems
  • ST Kinetics
  • ST Medical Services (STMS)
  • Tax Academy of Singapore
  • Thatz International
  • The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES)
  • Transition Systems Asia


SIM University is housed in SIM Headquarters, a big modern sprawling campus along Clementi Road that it shares together with SIM Global Education (SIM GE). The SIM Headquarters is the largest and most comprehensive campus among Singapore's private education industry.

Campus Facilities[edit]

As at 2013, some of the facilities in SIM Headquarters include:

  • 67 Lecture Theatres of various sizes
  • 68 Seminar Rooms (classrooms) of various sizes
  • 27 Computer/Science Laboratories
  • 5 Multi-Purpose Halls
  • Tay Eng Soon Library
  • 4 Eating Outlets (Food Clique, Foodnote Cafe, Food Fest Cafe and Souperlicious SIM HQ outlet)
  • Popular Bookstore (SIM HQ outlet)
  • Student Activity Hub
  • Students' Lounge
  • Gymnasium
  • Childcare Centre
  • Basement Carpark
  • Completely WiFi-enabled

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