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SINoALICE game logo.png
Publisher(s)Square Enix
Director(s)Yoko Taro
Composer(s)Keiichi Okabe
Platform(s)Android, iOS
  • JP: June 6, 2017
Genre(s)Role-playing video game
Mode(s)Single-player, co-op

Sinoalice (Japanese:シノアリス, stylized as SINoALICE) is a fairy tale-themed smartphone video game for iOS and Android devices from creative director Yoko Taro, known for the NieR and Drakengard series. This game is developed by Pokelabo and published by Square Enix. SINoALICE launched in Japan on June 6, 2017.[2][3] On October 29, 2018, GREE announced that SINoALICE would be released in North America in the first quarter of 2019.[1]

There have been three story arcs so far: Impulse Arc, Hatred Arc and Reality Arc.


Playable Characters[edit]

The playable characters of the game are drawn from fairy tales, and each has a core nature that defines them.[4]

  • Alice (Restriction)
  • Snow White (Justice)
  • Briar Rose (Slumber)
  • Cinderella (Depravity)
  • Pinocchio (Dependency)
  • Princess Kaguya (Suffering)
  • Gretel (Delusion)
  • Red Riding Hood (Violence)
  • The Little Mermaid (Sorrow)[5]
  • Dorothy (Inquisition)
  • Nutcracker (Old Age)
  • Three Little Pigs (Gluttony)[6]
  • Aladdin (Parvenu)



The soundtrack to SINoALICE is directed by Keiichi Okabe, composer of NieR.[7]


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