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FounderMichael Aitken
FocusData Science, E-Science, Open Innovation, Computational finance, Enabling Technologies
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Key people
David Sharp, CEO; Gail Pemberton-Burke, Chair

SIRCA is a provider of online services to support finance and other data-intensive research at universities, Government and financial market participants world-wide.[1]


SIRCA was incorporated in 1997[2] as a not-for-profit company to host and manage share price data from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) for a small group of collaborating Australian universities.

In its early years, SIRCA collaborated with the ASX and other research partners on a number of landmark studies including:

  • ASIC review of the research on the past performance of managed funds [2002] [3]
  • The ASX-SIRCA Benchmarking Study [2003][4]
  • The Importance of Market Integrity [2004] [5]
  • Identity Fraud in Australia [2003]
    A report for financial intelligence agency AUSTRAC which found it to be $1.1Bn problem.[6]

Today, SIRCA serves over 50 universities including 37 member universities in Australia and New Zealand[7] and over 20 from North America, Europe and Asia.


SIRCA in partnership with the Australian Financial Markets Association produces the Australian Financial Markets Report (AFMR) - an annual report with comprehensive coverage and statistics on all Australia's financial markets including equities, futures, bonds and over-the-counter securities. In 2012, these markets collectively turned over collectively turned over more than $125 trillion in 2011-12.[8]

SIRCA technology underpins the market leading Thomson Reuters Tick History database.[9] This is used by most leading financial institutions around the world as a source of historical tick and end of day data for a variety of functions, including the back testing of algorithms to support automated trading strategies, and for a range of risk and compliance related tasks.


SIRCA is a registered as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee with the Australian company regulator Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). SIRCA’s governance is overseen by a Board of Directors,[10] and Executive.[11]

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