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SJW Group
Traded as NYSESJW
Industry water utilities
Founded 1866
Headquarters United States
Area served
North America
Revenue $272.06 Million (As of 2013)[1]
Number of employees

SJW Group ("SJW") is a water utility processed, distribution, wholesale and retail company that is based in San Jose, California. It served 228,000 connections that serves over 1 million residents in regions of California, and approximately 11,000 connections, which offer water to about 36,000 people in Texas.[2][3] The enterprise value (As of February 2014) is $916.35 Million.[1]


The company has four subsidiaries, comprising San Jose Water Company, SJWTX, Inc., SJW Land Company as well as Texas Water Alliance Limited (TWA).[3] TWA is engaged in operating the essential water supply activities in Texas.[4] The company's diverse utility property include land held in fee, impounding reservoirs, diversion facilities, wells, distribution storage, and all water facilities, equipment, office buildings, etc.[5] In 2012, the revenue generated by purchased water made up for about 40% to 45% of the company’s annual.[4]

The company attended the industry’s conference, Water Utility Conference of 2013, as one of an influential water utility in US.[6]


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