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Logo skat.svg
SKATs[1] logo
Agency overview
Formed November 1, 2005 (fusion of Told & Skat and local tax authorities)[2]
Dissolved 1 July 2018 (1 July 2018)
Jurisdiction Government of Denmark
Agency executive
Parent agency Tax Ministry of Denmark
Website Official website
Official Facebook

SKAT (lit. Tax) was the name of the Danish tax authority. It is the state authority under which the Danish Treasury calculates and collects taxes and levies charges. The authority also undertakes property valuation and settlement of debts.

SKAT was organized into different core units and 30 local tax centers. Tax Centres cover the entire country but Danish citizens can in principle apply to any tax center. There are also 22 customs operations. It was created by the merger of the National Customs and Tax Administration and the municipal tax administrations.

Today Skatteforvaltningen has taken over the tasks from SKAT, and Skatteforvaltningen is now a group of 7 different agencies with each of their job.



IT system[edit]

Dividend tax[edit]


Following the number scandals, that have plagued SKAT the past years, it was decided on 12 June 2017, to close SKAT in 2018, instead creating seven new agencies with specialized areas.[3]


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