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Ske48 teamk2.jpg
SKE48 Team KII performing at the World Cosplay Summit 2010
Background information
Origin Nagoya, Japan
Years active 2008 (2008)–present
Associated acts AKB48 Group
Members Team S Details
Team KII Details
Team E Details

SKE48 (S.K.E. Forty-eight) are a Japanese idol girl group produced by Yasushi Akimoto. The group performs at SKE48 Theater on 2F of Sunshine Sakae, a shopping center in Sakae, Nagoya. Avex Group is its current official label.


Entrance of SKE48 Theater

SKE48 was founded based on the concept of "idols you can meet". The group's chief producer Yasushi Akimoto once said that his aim was to create an idol group that is unlike any other ordinary idol groups (who only give occasional concerts and mostly seen on TV). SKE48 would perform in its own theater regularly, and fans would always be able to watch the girls performing live. The SKE48 Theater is in the Sunshine Sakae of Nagoya, Aichi. Members of this group are dispatched into three groups, chronologically named "Team S", "Team KII" and "Team E". Kenkyūsei (trainees) is the group of members training to be promoted into one of these teams.


Sunshine Sakae

Yasushi Akimoto was offered the chance to start a production in Nagoya along with the renewal of the Sunshine Sakae 2F, when he was thinking of expanding his "48 project" nationwide. He had offers from outside Japan, but he decided to use Nagoya as the place to move on with the project. The name "SKE" comes from "Sakae" in the Naka district in Nagoya. Akimoto said that selected members from AKB48 and SKE48 may release a single together.[1] They released their first single in 2009.

In AKB48's single "Ōgoe Diamond", Jurina Matsui became the center and the first and only member of SKE48 to be featured on a single cover and in the song itself.[2] Including Matsui, some members of SKE48 have appeared in the PV, marking the first collaboration made by the two groups so far.

On May 28, 2011, Avex picked up SKE48 and were to release their debut single under the label called “Pareo wa Emerald” on July 27, 2011.[3]

On August 25, it was announced that SKE48 member Yui Matsushita would leave the group at the end of September 2011 due to ankle injuries.[4]

On August 7, 2012, SKE48 member and captain of Team S, Hirata Rikako announced her graduation to pursue a career as a reporter.[5]

On the first day of the Tokyo Dome Concert held on August 24, 2012, it was announced that Rie Kitahara of AKB48, Team K would hold a concurrent position in SKE48. Anna Ishida of Team KII would hold a concurrent position in AKB48, Team B.[6]

On November 1, it was announced that Kumi Yagami, one of the group's first generation members, would graduate but the date was not announced.[7]

On December 9, SKE48CAFE&SHOP with AKB48 was opened to the building 5F with a theater. There is a cooking menu that the members of SKE48 devised.

On January 15, 2013, it was announced that eight members, three from Team S, two each from Team KII and E, and one kenkyusei, would graduate from the group, along with Yagami (whose graduation was already announced in November 2012) sometime in the spring 2013.[8]

On April 13, it was announced that teams were to be reorganized and nine kenkyusei members would be promoted to full members. Yuka Nakanishi became the captain of SKE48 as well as leader of Team S, and Rena Matsui was promoted to leader of Team E.[9] Rie Kitahara, who was in both SKE48 and AKB48, was removed from SKE48's lineup during the final concert of "AKB48 Group Rinji Soukai" concert series at the Nippon Budokan on 28 April, with her final theater performance as a SKE48 member on May 9.[10]

On February 24, 2014 it was announced that Rena Matsui would hold a concurrent position with Nogizaka46 after teams were reorganized and kenkyusei members were promoted to full members.[11] Concurrent member with SKE48 and AKB48 Mina Ōba was fully transferred to SKE48 Team KII and other members from AKB48, NMB48, and HKT48 were permanently transferred or given concurrent positions in SKE48. Former Team K member Miyazawa Sae was transferred from SNH48 and appointed the new leader of Team S.[12]

On March 15, 2015, the members who passed the seventh generation audition were revealed.[13]

On June 6, 2015, SKE48 became the first sister group to have more members rank in the annual Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo than AKB48. In 2015, SKE48 released two singles. A third release was published under the label "Love Crescendo" and was promoted as SKE48's first sub project.



Release Title Chart positions Oricon
Album Label
Billboard Japan

First Week Total sales
2009 "Tsuyoki Mono yo" (強き者よ, "Strong Ones!") 5 91 22,624 27,259 Kono Hi no Chime o Wasurenai Lantis
2010 "Aozora Kataomoi" (青空片想い, "Unrequited Love Under the Blue Sky") 3 47 34,747 51,180 Crown Gold
"Gomen ne, Summer" (ごめんね、SUMMER, Gomen ne, Samā, "Sorry, Summer") 3 6 62,078 96,049
"1! 2! 3! 4! Yoroshiku!" (1!2!3!4! ヨロシク!, "1! 2! 3! 4! I'm Counting on You!") 2 6 119,913 175,027
2011 "Banzai Venus" (バンザイVenus, Banzai Bīnasu, "Hooray Venus") 1 2 206,608 275,189
"Pareo wa Emerald" (パレオはエメラルド, Pareo wa Emerarudo, "My Pareo is an Emerald") 1 1 378,747 480,916 Avex Trax
"Okey Dokey" (オキドキ, Oki Doki) 1 1 382,802 474,970
2012 "Kataomoi Finally" (片想いFinally, "Unrequited Love Finally") 1 1 495,809 592,947
"Aishite-love-ru!" (アイシテラブル!, "I Love You!") 1 1 472,327 581,874 Kakumei no Oka
"Kiss Datte Hidarikiki" (キスだって左利き, "Even Kiss Is Left-Handed") 1 1 511,472 598,011
2013 "Choco no Dorei" (チョコの奴隷, "Slave of Chocolate") 1 1 538,914 671,623
"Utsukushii Inazuma" (美しい稲妻, "Beautiful Lightning") 1 1 510,673 661,557
"Sansei Kawaii!" (賛成カワイイ!, "I Agree, You're Cute!") 1 1 449,003 569,566
2014 "Mirai to wa?" (未来とは?, "The Future Is?") 1 1 397,874 504,576
"Bukiyō Taiyō" (不器用太陽, "Clumsy Sun") 1 1 324,076 464,116
"12 Gatsu no Kangaroo" (12月のカンガルー, "December Kangaroo") 1 2 386,495 452,543
2015 "Coquettish Jūtai Chū" (コケティッシュ渋滞中, "Coquettish Traffic Congestion") 1 2 640,451 702,299
"Maenomeri" (前のめり, "Enthusiastic") 1 1 370,135 461,604
2016 "Chicken Line" 1 1 257,095 365,328
"Kin no Ai, Gin no Ai" (金の愛、銀の愛, "Gold Love, Silver Love") 1 1 251,639 327,598
2017 "Igai ni Mango" (意外にマンゴー, "Surprisingly Mango") 1 1 272,872 337,353 TBA

Studio albums[edit]

Year Album Information Oricon
First Week Total sales
2012 Kono Hi no Chime o Wasurenai (この日のチャイムを忘れない, I Don't Forget Chime of This Day)
  • Released: 19 September 2012
  • Label: Avex Trax (AVCD-38568), (AVCD-38569)
  • Formats: CD+DVD, CD, digital download
2 110,613 150,835
2017 Kakumei no Oka (革命の丘, Revolutionary Hill)
  • Released: 22 February 2017
  • Label: Avex Trax
  • Formats: 3CD+DVD. 2CD, digital download
2 99,646 126,720

Stage albums[edit]

Year Album Information Oricon
2010 Te o Tsunaginagara (手をつなぎながら, As We Hold Hands)
  • Released: 10 February 2010
  • Label: Crown Gold (CRCP-40266)*, (CRCP-40267)**
  • Formats: Compact disc
Seifuku no Me (制服の芽, School Uniform Spouts)
  • Released: 28 April 2010
  • Label: Crown Gold (CRCP-40268)*
  • Formats: Compact disc
2012 Ramune no Nomikata (ラムネの飲み方, How to drink Ramune)
  • Released: 14 March 2012
  • Label: Avex Trax (AVCD-38454)**
  • Formats: Compact disc

*Team S release
**Team KII release

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