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Skull operatives versus Superman & Man-Bat
art by Ross Andru
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Superman #301 (July 1976)
Created by Gerry Conway (writer)
Curt Swan (artist)
In-story information
Type of organization Organized crime
Leader(s) Atomic Skull
Agent(s) Alysia Damalis
Doctor Chaysten
Duke of Oil
Major Disaster
Simon Pons

The SKULL group is a fictional DC Comics criminal organization, introduced in 1976's Superman issue #301. They were created by Gerry Conway and Curt Swan.[1]

Fictional team history[edit]

Bronze Age[edit]

The SKULL organization actively recruited discredited geniuses and rogue super-scientists at the behest of Albert Michaels, the first Atomic Skull. Their criminal agenda often brought them into conflict with the terrorist organization known as Kobra. They later expanded their criminal empire to the West Coast. Albert Michaels was one of the sleeper agents of rogue SKULL scientist Alysia Damalis.

Modern age[edit]

SKULL was seemingly inactive until Simon Pons revitalized the group. Pons first appears in Outsiders vol. 1 #6, but does not take an active role until Outsiders vol. 1 Annual #1 in a story entitled "The Skull..., The Serpent... and the Outsiders". In this story, Simon Pons rebuilds SKULL and renews their long-standing feud with Kobra.[2]

The group was suffering from near collapse following Superman's capture of the Atomic Skull. Simon Pons rebuilt the organization as an international crime cartel that sought to forcibly recruit millionaires such as Earl Dukeston, prominent scientists like Helga Jace, and even Kobra himself. Pons blackmails Kobra using a cloned replica of his dead brother Jason Burr, which was genetically engineered by Doctor Chaysten. Pons threatens to kill the clone if Kobra does not work for SKULL. Kobra eventually joins with the Outsiders in order to defeat Pons and later escapes. Simon Pons and Doctor Chaysten were later captured by the Outsiders.

At one point, the SKULL attempt to kidnap Metamorpho and use him to create plutonium. SKULL's last recorded recent modern appearance was in Outsiders vol. 1 #25 from November (1987).[3]

Members of Note[edit]

  • Atomic Skull - Albert Michaels, the original Atomic Skull couldn't control his metahuman powers without enhancements created by the SKULL organization. With his powers under control, he eventually came to lead the organization.
  • Alysia Damalis - Alysia was the rogue scientist and SKULL operative who recruited Albert Michaels.
  • Doctor Chaysten - Head researcher and geneticist for SKULL under Simon Pons.
  • Earl Dukeston - Also known as the Duke of Oil, a criminal cyborg recruited by Simon Pons. He most recently appeared in Green Arrow as a member of the Society.
  • Major Disaster - SKULL operative under Simon Pons.
  • Simon Pons - Current leader of SKULL, revitalized the group for a modern era.

Other DCU Criminal Organizations[edit]

In other media[edit]


SKULL was referenced by S.T.A.R. Labs Dr. Albert Michaels in 1988 Superman animated series episode "Fugitive from Space". He is shown to be an employ of the organization.


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