SKV Rutesheim

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SKV Rutesheim
Full name Sport- und Kulturvereinigung
Rutesheim 1945 e.V.
Founded 30 September 1945
Ground Sportpark Bühl
Ground Capacity 5,000
President Volker Epple
Head coach Rolf Kramer
League Landesliga Württemberg I (VII)
2015–16 2nd
Website Club home page

The SKV Rutesheim is a German association football club from the city of Rutesheim.


The Sport- und Kulturvereinigung Rutesheim was founded on 30 September 1945. It is the successor side to Freie Sportvereinigung Rutesheim founded on 17 July 1920[1] and disbanded in 1933 under the politically motivated policies of the Nazis which saw the dissolution of left-leaning worker's clubs like FSR, as well as clubs with religious affiliations.

The biggest achievement of the footballers of the SKV was their climb into the third-tier Amateurliga Nordwürttemberg in 1976.[2] They lasted only a single season at that level, finishing in last place with only 10–50 points and 23–66 goals against.[3] From 2008 to 2011, the club has played in the sixth-tier Verbandsliga Württemberg, but was relegated again at the end of the 2010–11 season.


The club's honours:

First team[edit]

  • 2nd Amateurliga
    • Champions: 1975–76
  • Kreisliga A
    • Champions: 2000–01
  • Bezirksliga Enz/Murr
    • Champions: 2004–05
  • Landesliga Staffel I
    • Champions: 2007–08

Reserve team[edit]

  • Kreisliga B
    • Champions: 2005–06
  • Kreisliga A
    • Champions: 2008–09

Recent seasons[edit]

The recent season-by-season performance of the club:[4][5]

Season Division Tier Position
2004–05 Bezirksliga Enz/Murr VII 1st ↑
2005–06 Landesliga Württemberg I VI 9th
2006–07 Landesliga Württemberg I 2nd
2007–08 Landesliga Württemberg I 1st ↑
2008–09 Verbandsliga Württemberg VI 10th
2009–10 Verbandsliga Württemberg 12th
2010–11 Verbandsliga Württemberg 14th ↓
2011–12 Landesliga Württemberg I VII 3rd
2012–13 Landesliga Württemberg I 4th
2013–14 Landesliga Württemberg I 8th
2014–15 Landesliga Württemberg I 4th
2015–16 Landesliga Württemberg I 2nd
2016–17 Landesliga Württemberg I
Promoted Relegated

Other departments[edit]


The SKV Rutesheim is playing at Sportpark Bühl for home matches. Beside the stadium Bühl there are two more turf grounds (Spitzwiesen and Jugendkleinspielfeld), an artificial turf ground, a small synthetic ground for training, and a DFB-mini-ground (artificial turf). Also there are the sports halls Bühl I and Bühl II for the handball, gymnastics and volleyball departments and the youth and senior footballers.

Before 1986 the ground Schelmenäcker behind today's festival hall was the home of the club. Today on the former ground there is a residential area.


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