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SK Broadband
Hangul SK브로드밴드
Revised Romanization SK Beurodeubaendeu
McCune–Reischauer SK Pŭrodŭbaendŭ

SK Broadband, Inc. KRX: 033630, previously Hanaro Telecom, is a Seoul-based Korean Telecommunications company, one of the largest providers of Broadband Internet access in South Korea. The company also is one of the largest Telephone companies in South Korea, one of only two companies licensed to provide Telephone services. A division of the company known as "Broad &" controls a large portion of the South Korean Calling Card market.

Originally a Korean domestic Fixedline Carrier, Hanaro Telecom has moved to become a so-called 'Triple-Play' communications company with VoIP Telephone service Broadband Internet and an IPTV service branded as B.TV

In February 2008, Hanaro Telecom was acquired by local wireless giant SK Telecom. The new name, SK Broadband, was adopted in September 2008.

In 2015, SK Telecom bought all of SK Broadband's stocks in a stock swap deal. The deal was completed in July 1st, 2015 and SK Broadband has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of SK Telecom.

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