SLAF Colombo

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SLAF Colombo
Colombo, Western Province
UG-LK Photowalk - Airforce HQ - 2017-03-12 (2).jpg
Coordinates 6°55′41″N 79°51′04″E / 6.9281°N 79.8510°E / 6.9281; 79.8510Coordinates: 6°55′41″N 79°51′04″E / 6.9281°N 79.8510°E / 6.9281; 79.8510
Type Air Force Headquarters
Site information
Controlled by Sri Lanka Air Force
Site history
In use 1952 – present

SLAF Colombo is the Sri Lanka Air Force headquarters in Colombo. In this capacity it has the offices of the Commander of the Air Force, Chief of Staff, the Board of Management (BOM) and Board of Directors (BOD) of the Sri Lanka Air Force. All air and ground operations are directed from SLAF Colombo.

Apart from functioning as a headquarters, it is a limited air base for helicopter operations. Established soon after the formation of Royal Ceylon Air Forces was formed in 1951 at the former officers mess of the former Ceylon Rifle Regiment at Rifle green. The officer's mess was moved in the 1970s when the Trans Asia Hotel was made in its location. The mess is currently housed in the Cinnamon gardens area of Colombo. It is the only Officers' Mess to be located outside a SLAF Station premises.

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