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SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show
Status Active
Genre Anime, Japanese culture
Venue Rosehill Gardens Racecourse
Location(s) Sydney, Australia
Country Australia
Inaugurated 2007
Most recent 20–21 August 2016
Next event 19-20 August, 2017
Attendance 13,617 in 2014[1]
Activity Artist circle, art competitions, community groups, cosplay competition and games, Gunpla Builders World Cup, karaoke competition, maid cafe, merchandise vendors, panels, stage events, video game tournaments, workshops, World Cosplay Summit Preliminary
Organised by SMASH Inc
Filing status Non-profit

SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show (typically abbreviated to SMASH!) is an annual Japanese popular culture convention held in Sydney, Australia and organised by SMASH Inc, a non-profit volunteer-run association. The convention has been run annually since 2007.[2]

SMASH! began as an art-focused event but has broadened its scope to include all areas of Japanese popular culture. It was the first Australian anime convention to host a Japanese voice actor, the first to host a Japanese anime director, the first to hold a maid cafe and the first to hold the national final for the Gunpla Builders World Cup.


SMASH! was conceived by Katie Huang, an artist and illustrator living and working in Sydney. The event was originally called ComicWorld Sydney and was more closely modelled on the Comic World events held in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. As the number of people involved in organising the event increased, the focus broadened and the name was changed to SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show.


SMASH! is run by SMASH Inc, a non-profit association incorporated in New South Wales. SMASH Inc is controlled by a board elected each year by the members of the association. The board in turn selects a management team responsible for the planning and day-to-day conduct of the convention as well as a staff of volunteers organised into various departments. The board, management and staff total more than 50 people.[3]


The convention features two mascots, a boy, Cyrus, and a girl, Skadi. The mascots were designed in 2007 by Sai Nitivoranant and have been drawn by numerous artists, including guests of the convention, Tan Kit Mun, Alexandra Szweryn and Shaun Healey.

Event History[edit]

Date Venue Attendance Price Notable Events
18 August 2007 The Roundhouse, University of New South Wales[2] 1,434[4] $9 (Advance)
$12 (On the Day)
  • Attendance by W Chew Chan (Australian storyboard artist), Queenie Chan (Australian manga artist) and Gregor Whiley (Australian game company vice-president)
  • First maid cafe and host club at an anime convention in Australia
  • Premiere of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Death Note [5] in Australia
  • Musical performance by the 2002 Triple J Unearthed winner Yunyu [6]
2 August 2008 The Roundhouse, University of New South Wales 2,295[4] $9 (Advance)
$12 (On the Day)
  • Attendance by Hidenobu Kiuchi (Japanese voice actor), Tan Kit Mun (AKA "Kidchan", Malaysian illustrator)
  • First attendance by Japanese voice actor at an Australian convention
8–9 August 2009 The Roundhouse, University of New South Wales 2,709[4] $13–25 (Advance)
$18–35 (On the Day)
  • Attendance by Cuson Lo (Hong Kong illustrator), Alexandra Szweryn (AKA "Ms Rosek", Australian illustrator)
  • First time SMASH! was run as a two-day event
  • First attendance by video game publisher, Ubisoft
  • Musical performance by Roger Lock
7 August 2010 Sydney Town Hall 2,810[4] $20 (Advance)
$25 (On the Day)
  • Attendance by Yūko Miyamura (Japanese voice actress), Tiffany Grant (American voice actress), Matt Greenfield (American founder of ADV Films), Shaun Healey (AKA "Endling", American artist), Mikiko Ponczcek (AKA "Zombiesmile", German/Japanese artist)
  • First attendance by Japanese and American counterparts for the same character at an Australian convention
  • First national final of the Bandai Action Kit Universal Cup held in Australia in conjunction with Hobbyco and Namco Bandai
  • First time SMASH! sold out
16 July 2011 Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre 5,405[4] $25 (Advance)
$30 (On the Day)
  • Attendance by Shinichi Watanabe (Japanese director),[7] Martin Billany (British voice actor/writer),[8] Hiroki Kikuta (Japanese composer),[9] Kenji Ito (Japanese composer),[10] and Mari Yoshida (Japanese singer)[11]
  • First attendance by a Japanese anime director at an Australian convention
  • Convention was followed by a concert featuring performers from the musical collective Eminence
14 July 2012 Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre[12] 6,200[4] $29 (Advance)
$35 (On the Day)
10 August 2013 Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre 7,849[17] $29 (Advance)
$35 (On the Day)
  • Attendance by Hidenori Matsubara (Japanese character designer/illustrator/art director), Haruko Momoi (Japanese voice actress), Masakazu Morita (Japanese voice actor), LOVERIN TAMBURIN [18]
  • First attendance by a Japanese character illustrator at an Australian convention
  • Convention was followed by a Vocaloid dance party[19] with guests including kz from Livetune and Hachioji-P.
9–10 August 2014 Rosehill Gardens Racecourse 13,617[1] $25–50 (Advance)
$30–55 (On the Day)
  • Attendance by Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese voice actress), Toshihiro Kawamoto (Japanese director/character designer, Reika (Japanese cosplayer)[18]
  • First event at Rosehill Gardens
  • First staging of the World Cosplay Summit Australian Preliminary Final
  • First staging of the NIPPON World Karaoke Grand Prix Australian Preliminary Final
8–9 August 2015 Rosehill Gardens Racecourse $30–50 (Advance)
$35–55 (On the Day)
20–21 August 2016 [22] Rosehill Gardens Racecourse TBD $30-50 (Advance)
$35-55 (On the Day)
19 - 20 August 2017[23] Rosehill Gardens Racecourse TBD TBD TBD


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